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‘Home’, the gripping new single from Māori-Samoan rapper Juwan

Through the eyes of a bruised and bloodied young man, 21-year-old rapper Juwan delivers an unfliching take on life in his latest single Home, featuring R&B power vocalist Sam V.

From Juwan’s incredible tribute to a family matriarch, to his eloquent and hard-hitting invocation Preach, the Māori-Samoan artist has long been a talented, soulful and compelling lyricist. Home proves to be “another intimate and sentimental piece”, but it definitely hits different from the rest.

Lyrically and visually thought-provoking, Home features two distinct scenes. In the first, Juwan weaves his way through familiar suburban streets, his swollen battered face a visual manifestation of the mental conflict warring in his mind.

The other scene (possibly a small nod to Nesian Mystik’s iconic Brother) shows Juwan rapping his thoughts, confessions and dreams out to a support group of brown men: “I feel like school is teaching us to live restricted /  I feel like if I slip up I might end up in prison / I feel like I destroy my soul sleeping with different women / I feel like the ones who post the most on social media ain’t really winning / I feel like the streets are cold when you ain’t making moves / I seen crack destroy friends and their families too.”

A jarring narrative spoken from life experience, Home is one of Juwan’s strongest tracks to date and a necessary reminder for his listeners to “keep the most important things close to heart and close to home”.

Watch the music video for Home above.

Home is available to stream and download on all major music platforms. 

Juwan 'Home' ft Sam V



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