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Jazz musicians from around the world cover ‘We Are Samoa’

Amidst festival cancellations in the wake of Covid-19, Samoana Jazz & Arts Festival Director Siteine Peta Si’ulepa  and Producer Mack Tane have found another way to celebrate jazz music.

Like many others, the festival has utilised the digital world, producing an online video performance of Fa’anana Jerome Grey’s classic song ‘We are Samoa’, re-arranged by Dr Opeloge Ah Sam especially for the UNESCO International Jazz Day 2020 Virtual Global celebration.

The video features a range of Samoan musicians from around the world – including the composer himself, Fa’anana Jerome Grey, along with his musician son Loa Greyson (US).

Other musicians include Tui Letuli (American Samoa); Hannah Elise (NZ); Eddie Lolesi (Australia); Dylan Elise (NZ/US based); Papali’i Etene Taimalelagi (US); Pauga Joey Cummings (American Samoa); Ulale Pusi Ulale (American Samoa); Tuileisu Pouesi (American Samoa); Angeline Afo (American Samoa) and Latafale Auva’a (NZ).

The artists worked to a guide track created by Opeloge, adding their parts to it and sending it back for edit and production.

“We put this together for this special day – all the more poignant because of Covid-19,” says Peta.

Check out the video above.



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