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Shepherds Reign releases new song Nga Ao e Rua ft Swizl Jager

In celebration of Te Wiki o te reo Māori, Polynesian metal band Shepherds Reign have released a new collaboration with Māori rapper Swizl Jager called Nga Ao e Rua.

Nga Ao e Rua (the two worlds) is a collision between the artists’ different styles and cultures – rap and metal and Samoan and Māori languages.

Shepherds Reign hails from the deep Polynesian stronghold of South Auckland, where they have continued to make a stamp in New Zealand’s music scene and on international stages.

The collaboration with Māori rapper Swizl Jager brings an enthralling song about unity within Polynesian communities and standing together as one. An extract from his Māori chorus translates as follows:

Oku whanaunga poroniihia / People of Polynesia

Whakaruuru o matou ao. Tu tonu mai / Bring our worlds together, stand together

Te moana nui a kiwa / All of the pacific

Homai te aroha / Give us your love

Directed by Robert George ‘The Raro Dog’ and funded by Te Māngai Pāho, the music video features Samoan and Māori lyrics with impressive imagery of Māori and Samoan warriors.

Check out the heart pumping music video above.



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