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Le Va launches new Pasifika Suicide Prevention Community Fund

New Zealand not-for-profit Pasifika organisation Le Va has been selected by the Ministry of Health Suicide Prevention Commissioning Office to administer part of a $3.1 million community fund which supports communities to create innovative solutions to prevent suicide.

Le Va Chief Executive and clinical psychologist Denise Kingi-Uluave said, “A critical aspect of preventing suicide requires a focus on equipping families and communities with the knowledge, skills and resources that strengthen their resilience to life’s many stressors. Our purpose at Le Va is to support Pasifika families and communities to unleash their full potential and have the best possible health and wellbeing outcomes.”

The Community Fund seeks to support Pasifika communities to effectively implement community-based suicide prevention initiatives so that families and communities are:
 strongly connected
 equipped with the skills to cope with distress
 actively building resilience and reducing the risks of suicide
 assisted in accessing support services and
 supported to build a strong cultural identity to enhance mental wellbeing

Applications for funding will be for a minimum of $10k and a maximum of $300k. It will open from 3 June to initiatives with a focus on Pasifika suicide prevention and will close 30 June 2020.

For more information, and to apply for funding, visit www.leva.co.nz/suicide-prevention-fund

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