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TAGATA PASIFIKA: Tongan Poet Simone Kaho

Simone Kaho is part of a new generation of Pasifika voices and through poetry she shares her journey growing up in the 80s as a Tongan New Zealander. Her debut book is called Lucky Punch which brings cultural issues to the forefront. Alistar Kata with this story…

South Auckland food hub produces delicious kai through relationships and sustainability

The Papatoetoe Food Hub is leading the way in addressing food insecurity and pushing zero waste.

New Pasifika health service in Christchurch sets out to ‘truly help families’

Health professionals in Canterbury are rallying to change poor health outcomes for Pasifika people by creating a health care service that's warmer, friendlier, costs less and meets the real needs of Pacific people.That's the idea behind the Etu Pasifika clinic which opened in Christchurch earlier this year.

Whenua Warrior fights food insecurity by teaching Kiwis how to grow food

Whenua Warrior is on a mission to make edible gardens accessible to all Kiwis.

‘Am I allowed to swear?’ Tusiata Avia wins the Ockham Award for Poetry

Simone Kaho speaks with Tusiata Avia about unexpectedly finding permission to reclaim her dream.

‘This is bigger than history’: Pacific scholars review the New Zealand history draft curriculum

New Zealand is one of the few developed countries where teaching our own history in schools is not compulsory. But all that's set to change next year when a new New Zealand history curriculum will be introduced to all schools and kura.But will it cover material to empower our Pasifika youth, and will teachers get up to speed in time? Simone Kaho spoke to three Pacific scholars from Auckland University for this story.

Shaneel Lal: ‘It’s difficult to imagine a world where queer people are free to just be’

Activist Shaneel Lal has been on the forefront of the fight to end conversion therapy.The NZ Government has now committed to banning the practice in 2022. Shaneel, who’s pronouns are they and them, has been awarded for leadership and impact, but has also become a target for abuse.Reporter Simone Kaho talked to Shaneel about the fallout from their activism, and why they say the fight for queer rights is a fight for indigenous rights.