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Husband and wife SWISS and TREE release EP ‘Mr & Mrs’ celebrating their love story

Tree and Swiss Mr and Mrs EP

Kiwi-Tongan artist SWISS and Kiwi-Samoan artist TREE have released their highly anticipated EP.

The husband and wife duo joined forces for ‘Mr & Mrs’, a six-track EP that honours the journey of their love. From Polynesian-Reggae to R&B and Urban Soul, the EP features both hit singles ‘Me And You’ and ‘Even If’.

The project is described as a testimony to love for each other and their passion for music and creative abilities both individually and together.

“It’s been a long time coming,” says TREE. “It’s not everyday we get to do this, TOGETHER. It’s either one of us behind the scenes running around or holding it up or at home with the babies while the other can record or is away on the road. So this has been super special. I believe I’ve been able to truly contribute to this with my whole heart. So this one is my most favourite,” she says.

“I hope and pray that both the love we share for each other and the love we have for the art of music is felt by every person that listens to this body of work… from our hearts to yours,” says SWISS.

The project had a strong team of support behind it: BLK Entertainment, DRM NZ, Sioeli Manu, Tree Manu, Albert Cook, Jireh Falaniko, Nafu Tofilau, Michael Hansen from Fejoint Productions and NZ On Air for ‘Even If’. It was all recorded, mixed and mastered in their home at The Hotbox Studios.

The ‘Mr & Mrs’ EP is available on all digital platforms now (Google Play, iTunes, Spotify).

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