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New Pasifika health service in Christchurch sets out to ‘truly help families’

Health professionals in Canterbury are rallying to change poor health outcomes for Pasifika people by creating a health care service that's warmer, friendlier, costs less and meets the real needs of Pacific people.That's the idea behind the Etu Pasifika clinic which opened in Christchurch earlier this year.

New wellbeing programme in schools helping Pasifika parents and teachers

Pacific mental wellbeing programme Le Toloa is helping Pasifika cope with the stresses of everyday life.

Talanoa: New Zealand’s health system is letting Pacific peoples down

A new report on the health care challenges Pacific peoples face in NZ paints a stark picture and calls for ambitious changes to be made urgently.

Calls for more Pasifika blood donors in New Zealand

"Pasifika blood donors are very valuable. They provide something no one else can."

Powerlifting champ Karlina Tongotea combines medicine with might

At just 28 years old, 'Beauty and Brains' is being re-invented by GP and New Zealand Powerlifting Champion Karlina Tongotea.

A quarter of Pasifika in NZ will have Type 2 diabetes in 20 years, new report predicts

A quarter of all Pacific Islanders in New Zealand will be diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 20 years if nothing is done about it now to change things - that’s the prediction from a new report by PwC and Diabetes New Zealand. Fono CEO Tevita Funaki talks about his own experience with diabetes and what can be done.#TALANOA

How to keep your mind in shape this Covid Christmas

This time of the year can be overwhelming with finances and family. Soana Aholelei chats with Psychologist Epenesa Olo-Whaanga about the stresses that can occur over this time and some tips on how to try and manage it.

Dave ‘Brown Buttabean’ Letele’s top exercises to keep fit over the summer

Fitness fanatic Dave 'Buttabean' Letele and his crew Phil Tele'a and Ina Walters share a quick but valuable workout for you to do at home during the festive season.#BBM