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Bilingual book shares stories from young Samoan migrants in Aotearoa

By Ann-Tauilo Motuga Aotearoa has a long history of Pasifika migration. Like many immigrants, Pasifika families endured challenges with settling into a new country, learning a new language and being in a new social and economic environment. We have heard stories of our ancestors dealing with hardships in their time, but what about the stories […]

Mātauranga platform making waves online

The man who is now famous for the America's Cup and global sports graphics, Sir Ian Taylor, has been busy creating an online platform depicting the story of Polynesian voyagers who crossed the Pacific Ocean to Aotearoa. John Pulu reports.

Mechatronic Engineer Joyana Finch releases her first children’s book

As the first Pasifika woman to ever receive a Mechatronic Engineering degree, Joyana Finch intends to use her platform to encourage Pasifika people to be more technically inclined. The Mechatronic Engineer and former Miss South Pacific has written her first children’s book, Buzz the Electron. Published online last month, Buzz the Electron follows an anthropomorphic […]

Facebook launches online safety campaign for young Pacific Islanders

Facebook is partnering with Save the Children to deliver an online safety campaign in the Pacific Islands. John Pulu chats with Michel Mulipola, who is supporting this campaign to empower teens and young people so they have a safe and positive experience online.

Students explore ‘acceptance’ in live cinema show

An innovative live cinema show from South Auckland's Aorere College opens in Auckland soon before heading to Queenstown and Nelson. Called 'Code-Switch', it explores themes of acceptance and identity.

A Māori Samoan family’s journey of learning the gagana in Samoa

In 2017 Māori journalist Renee Kahukura Iosefa and her Samoan husband, Walker Iosefa, made the decision to move to Samoa to provide an opportunity for their three children to learn their Samoan language and cultural heritage. Now, three years on, they've made the decision to return to Aotearoa. The Iosefa family share their journey of discovery by celebrating the importance of living the language.

Dr Angelynne Enoka: The PhD graduate flying the flag for the transgender community

We catch up with Samoan Dr Angie Enoka on breaking stereotypes and becoming the first Samoan transgender woman to graduate with a Doctorate from Massey University in New Zealand.

Emerging Leader Aigagalefili Fepulea’i Tapua’i’s powerful speech | SunPix Awards 2020

“For our Pacific youth, if there was anything I had to say to you today, it’s that there is no one voice for us. There can’t be. Being Pacific Islander is such a deep, broad, nuanced, complex identity and experience to draw strength from. Our ancestors fought for us to be here – thousands and thousands of years of deep love etched into every aspect of our culture.”Watch Le Va Pacific Emerging Leadership Award Winner Aigagalefili Fepulea’i Tapua’i's powerful speech at the SunPix Pacific Peoples Awards 2020.#SunPixAwards2020

Emerging Leader Tatyana Manoa’s powerful speech | SunPix Awards 2020

"I'd like to thank my biggest rock - my mum. Raising seven children on your own is not easy. So I'd just like to thank you for empowering me to be this young, Tongan, confident Pasifika woman."Watch Le Va Pacific Emerging Leadership Award Winner Tatyana Manoa's emotional speech at the SunPix Pacific Peoples Awards 2020.#SunPixAwards2020