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New Pasifika play highlights experiences of children in state care

Media Release Auckland 1963, three 11-year-old boys meet in a cell in the family court. Two Māori and one Samoan – Wheels, Piwi and a boy called Piano. Made wards of state and taken to Owairaka Boys Home. So begins a story into the heart of darkness, abuse and pain and a journey of survival, […]

Singer, Songwriter, Manager, Mum — the many hats of Tree Vaifale Manu

With the release of her new single ‘For Real’,  Alice Lolohea caught up with Tree Vaifale Manu to talk about her newest track, her career, fitness journey and managing the many artists of BLK Entertainment.  Congratulations! You’ve just recently released the single and music video For Real, and it’s different from anything we’ve seen from […]

Tagata Pasifika Special: Tuvaluan artists take over Invercargill

Fafine Niutao I Aotearoa is an arts collective of Tuvaluan women who are master artists of traditional Tuvaluan art forms (kolose, fafetu, weaving). Part of their mission to keep their art forms alive, they recently toured their exhibition to Invercargill, where the locals instantly fell in love with them.

Sunpix Pacific Peoples Awards 2019

Join us for the celebration of the Pacific Peoples Awards 2019 here!

TP+ Va’a Hono and Ahutoru Nui: Tahitian song and dance

Tahitian performing arts group Va’a Hono and Ahutoru Nui perform at the Auckland Museum in special event ‘Gathered Islands: A Celebration of the Pacific’

TP+ Va’a Hono and Ahutoru Nui: Tahitian dance performance

Tahitian performing arts group Va'a Hono and Ahutoru Nui perform at the Auckland Museum in special event 'Gathered Islands: A Celebration of the Pacific'

Meet the Polynesian-American team behind upcoming film Sosefina

By Alice Lolohea Billed as “a drama, romance, Polynesian American movie”, Sosefina tells the story of two Pacific females who through hardship and suffering, must decide between a straightforward path or the easy money of the adult entertainment world. Written by Manu Tanielu and Namualii Tofa and directed by Hinano Tanielu (all first-time screenwriters and […]

WorkSafe commits to Pacific worker safety programme

Media release: WorkSafe WorkSafe New Zealand is celebrating its formal commitment to a programme that ensures Pacific peoples are kept healthy and safe at work. The Puataunofo ‘Come Home Safely’ programme, which has existed in a limited capacity since 2006, now has the formal backing of WorkSafe to engage and educate Pacific peoples working in […]

Meet Melbourne singing sensation Fatai

From YouTube sensation and Voice Australia competitor, to becoming an independent artist with several successful international shows under her belt, Tongan songstress Fatai is living up to her 2019 single ‘Road Less Travelled’ and becoming the artist she always wanted to be. We caught up with the singer/songwriter before her upcoming gig this Friday at […]

Auckland Mamas sharing the art of tivaevae

Mama Miimetua Tarapu or Aunty Mii has been running tivaevae classes in Auckland for over 10 years. Tivaevae is the art of Pacific quilting practiced by women across Oceania. An art form Tarapu learnt from grandmother, with the help of Mama Memory Kimiora Peu she is sharing it with others keen to learn.

Olivia Foa’i releases debut album CANDID, drops new single Tropical ft. Nase Foai

Olivia Foa’i has released her debut album CANDID along with her forth single and music video “Tropical”, just in time for the summer holiday season. Olivia is best known for her vocals on Disney’s Moana soundtrack and as vocalist/dancer for award-winning band Te Vaka. In 2018 she embarked on a solo career with singles including My Way and Hau La showcasing a […]