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Melbourne artist Sire releases music video for Sink Or Swim

Māori/Samoan artist Sire has released the music video for Sink Or Swim off his debut EP Food For Thought. The R&B song touches on the reality we find ourselves in through what has been an unprecedented year. Sire asks how we’ll handle these changing times – the decision determining whether we’ll sink or swim. The […]

TP+ Meet the Samoan Cowboy of Māngere College

Māngere College student Reupenu Luamanu Kilipati has made a name for himself as a stellar academic student and with his love of country music. With buttery vocals and musical talent, Reupenu hopes to one day be like his idol, the first Samoan Cowboy Sam Choo-Koon.

Summer tour in store for operatic trio SOL3 MIO

They are one of Aotearoa’s most beloved operatic groups, and their fans will be happy to know they’re back. SOL3 MIO have recently announced their national Summer tour, travelling to some of their usual Kiwi spots to perform for their ardent supporters. “It’s been a tough year for everyone, and it’s time to get together […]

Young Pasifika men chase NRL dreams in new online series PARRAMATTA

 It’s a dream many young Pasifika men have dreamt – the thrill of playing for a certified NRL team, looking after your family financially, the glamour of travel, new threads and ravenous fans.  The life may seem enviable, but it’s the struggles and hardships these young men face that has become the focus for […]

TP+ The rising Samoan wrestling star in Aotearoa’s wrestling circuit

Jamie Seu is nornmally a friendly guy with wide smile. But when he steps into the wrestling ring, the fierce and ferocious Jamie Tagataese emerges.Last year Jamie was the reigning champion of the IPW New Zealand Heavyweight Championship, the top professional wrestling championship title in the New Zealand promotion Impact Pro Wrestling. He hopes to one day make it to the WWE.

Mama’s Music Box: New Zealand’s first Pasifika Christmas film

With major US studios pulling their films from cinemas, filmmaker siblings Stallone and Abba-Rose Vaiaoga-Ioasa created the #Feature30Challenge, pushing themselves to make a feature length film in 30 days.Released in cinemas this week, Mama's Music Box is an entertaining and heartfelt watch for the whole family.

Samoan rapper Poetik and Raggadat Cris team up for new single ‘FAME’

 Apia’s finest hip hop artist Poetik has teamed up with R&B singer Raggadat Cris to deliver his latest single F.A.M.E., an ode to the artist’s classic struggle. Racism, street violence, poverty, media, Pacific culture – Poetik has long been an artist capable of compelling storytelling through his music. F.A.M.E. delves into the journey many […]