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Popping Puletasi – the new dance form fusing Siva Samoa with popping

 By Ann Motuga The merging of two contrasting dance styles saw the birth of a new concept, ‘Popping Puletasi’, created by Cook Island-Samoan dancer, Seidah Tuaoi. The inspiration for the new dance form first emerged during her studies at the University of Auckland, where she incorporated popping into her solo assessment while wearing a […]

Doco honouring master navigator Lilo Ema Siope wins top award at FIFO

A documentary honouring the last voyage of master navigator Lilo Ema Siope has won the Grand Prix du Jury at Tahiti’s FIFO (Festival International du Film Documentaire Océanien). Directed by Anna Marbrook, LOIMATA, The Sweetest Tears powerfully documents Siope’s journey between Aotearoa and Samoa in search of healing, and her aiga’s reckoning with systemic abuse. […]

Students explore ‘acceptance’ in live cinema show

An innovative live cinema show from South Auckland's Aorere College opens in Auckland soon before heading to Queenstown and Nelson. Called 'Code-Switch', it explores themes of acceptance and identity.

New Pasifika series is ‘Breaking Bread’ and new ground with Aussie audiences

By Alice Lolohea As one of three Tongan students attending a suburban Catholic college in Melbourne (the other two were my brothers), I spent the latter part of my high school career being compared to Jonah Takalua. Played by pālangi actor Chris Lilley, the Tongan student was one of three main characters in Lilley’s mockumentary […]

‘Home’, the gripping new single from Māori-Samoan rapper Juwan

 Through the eyes of a bruised and bloodied young man, 21-year-old rapper Juwan delivers an unfliching take on life in his latest single Home, featuring R&B power vocalist Sam V. From Juwan’s incredible tribute to a family matriarch, to his eloquent and hard-hitting invocation Preach, the Māori-Samoan artist has long been a talented, soulful […]

Watch Oscar-qualified Hawaiian short film Kapaemahu

 Kapaemahu is a short film that brings the powerful Hawaiian legend of Kapaemahu to life through vivid animation. “Long ago, four extraordinary individuals of dual male and female spirit brought the healing arts from Tahiti to Hawaii. The name of their leader was Kapaemahu. Beloved by the people for their gentle ways and miraculous […]

WATCH: TONE6 release the music video for their first single

 Auckland based powerhouse group TONE6, from SAINTZUP Performing Arts School, released their first single today. Written by SAINTZUP director Nainz Tupa’i, Another Level of Emotion is a heartfelt R&B soul song about courtship. “It’s a time before the relationship starts, where you learn everything about each other. Taking your time and really getting to […]

Tokelauan artist Faraimo Paulo captures Polynesian culture through art

 Traditional painter, carver and designer Faraimo Paulo is on a mission to record his people’s history and culture. His first solo exhibition, Eleni – Navigators of Polynesia (named after his beloved late wife), represents a major survey of the artist’s recent paintings telling traditional stories from Tokelau and the Pacific. “In my youth I […]

TP+ Meet the Samoan Cowboy of Māngere College

Māngere College student Reupenu Luamanu Kilipati has made a name for himself as a stellar academic student and with his love of country music. With buttery vocals and musical talent, Reupenu hopes to one day be like his idol, the first Samoan Cowboy Sam Choo-Koon.