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Parris Goebel and Sisters United’s GIRL empowering young Pasifika women

Parris Goebel and Sisters United are in the midst of creating one of Tempo Dance Festival's hottest tickets this year - GIRL; an intimate show that delves into the journey of young females discovering their inner power. For the cast, Goebel auditioned many young women from high schools around Auckland - many who had never attended an audition before. Through the show, Director of Sisters United Kendal Collins hopes to empower young Māori and Pasifika women. GIRL will be showing at Q Theatre from 11-12 October. For tickets head to qtheatre.co.nz.

Samoans steps up to host Pacific Games

The 16th Pacific Games is in full-swing in Samoa. Alistar Kata takes a look at what it takes to mount this mammoth event and how it impacts on locals and visitors alike...

Grassroots venture grows entrepreneurial spirit

A new community enterprise is giving Pacific families a chance to develop their entrepreneurial spirit with their own pig farming co-operative. Known as the "Co-operapig", it's been established with the help of Cook Islands community group CIDANZ and the landowner.

The controversy that put Miss Heilala in the international spotlight

Tonga's former Miss Heilala Kalo Funganitao has been expunged from Miss Heilala records for not fulfilling her role to crown the incoming Miss Heilala. The Kingdom of Tonga made headlines this week when Funganitao delivered a damning outgoing speech accusing organisers for bullying and mistreatment. Here's what happened.

TP+ Tongan pageant queen: “I was left with no other choice but to speak out”

Outspoken Tongan pageant queen Kalo Funganitao says she had no choice but to speak out over the weekend after an unsuccessful year trying to address issues offline. Now she's calling for a complete revamp of Tonga's iconic Miss Heilala beauty pageant.

Veronica Pome’e Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model 2019

She is following her dream! Tongan beauty Veronica Pome’e is the first Polynesian model to grace the pages of world-renowned Sports Illustrated. The New York-based model is using her platform to empower women of all ages, sizes and cultures. Soana 'Aholelei caught up with Veronica during her fleeting visit to Tonga and New Zealand.

Are we doing enough to help Pacific people who need medical treatment?

Every year hundreds of people travel from the islands to New Zealand for medical reasons. In some cases, the situation is dire. But things are much more difficult when your immigration status is only temporary and you don’t have the funds to get the right treatment. Alistar Kata met a woman from Samoa who is struggling through this process.

What’s Kris Faafoi’s vision for public housing? – Cabinet Reshuffle

Labour's Mana MP Kris Faafoi is the new Associate Minister for Housing in charge of Public Housing, following the Prime Minister's Cabinet re-shuffle last week. He has 18 months to make an impact before the next general elections. So with many Pacific and Māori families making up a large number of state and social housing residents, or those still on a waiting list, what are Faafoi's plans and vision for NZ's state houses? Moana Makapelu Lee took a trip to his electorate in Porirua to find out.

The Samoan family tackling homelessness through mobile laundry service

Orange Sky is a free mobile laundry and shower service set up in Australia five years ago and has made its way to New Zealand thanks to Samoan Eddie Uini. But as Anauli Karima Fai'ai reports, there's more to the service than meets the eye.

TP+ New Cook Islands collective aims to grow te reo Māori Kūki ‘Āirani

Experts in te reo Māori Kūki ‘Āirani launched the Cook Islanders Teachers & Educators Collective New Zealand (Au Taunga Korero Kūki ‘Āirani o Aotearoa) last night. The group aims to provide pathways for New Zealand-born Cook Islanders to learn and speak the language, including having it taught across all levels of education.

2019 SunPix Pacific Peoples Awards nominations are open!

Nominations are open for the 2019 SunPix Pacific Peoples Awards! Head to sunpix.co.nz/awards to nominate.

Who is Daniel Faitaua?

You would have seen him reading the news on TVNZ's Breakfast, but that's all about to change. Samoan Daniel Faitaua is the new TVNZ Europe correspondent, and he's heading to London next month. Soana 'Aholelei caught up with him this week to talk about his new role and what it means for his family.