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Tiana Epati – The new tagata Pasifika leading NZ’s Law Society

For the first time in New Zealand history the NZ Law Society has a Pacific leader at the reins. Tagata Pasifika meet with the Society's new President, Samoan lawyer Tiana Epati who looks to make her mark on the justice system.

Community calls to end uplifts – Oranga Tamariki

Three separate inquiries into Oranga Tamariki's policies and processes in relation to the protection of Māori babies have been launched this week following the investigation by newsroom.co.nz into the uplift of a newborn baby at Hawke's Bay Hospital. A group of community leaders and workers are calling for an overhaul of the state agency and for uplifts to stop.

Talanoa: Oranga Tamariki

Peseta Betty Sio speaks on the injustices that Maori & Pasifika families face within the child welfare system in light of Oranga Tamariki's recent controversy

Toddlers can get Measles Vaccine at 12-months

Pacific parents in the Auckland region will now be able to vaccinate their toddlers against the measles outbreak at 12 months and not wait until they’re 15-months-old. Known as the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine, its is normally given at 15 months but the schedule shift by Auckland Regional Public Health Service comes in […]

New Pasifika Campaign to Combat High Suicide Rates

 Raising awareness of Pacific mental health is the focus of a new campaign launched by health services provider Vaka Tautua called Pasifika Like Minds, Like Mine. This comes in light of alarming statistics which reveal that New Zealand has one of the worst youth suicide rates in the developed world. Vaka Tautua’s Northern Regional […]

Cook Islands Firefighters take the Sky Tower Challenge

Eight Cook Islands firefighters travelled from Rarotonga to take part in the Sky Tower Challenge - an event where firefighters from around the world climb its stairs to raise funds for those affected by Leukemia and Blood cancer.

Nora Swann’s Dressed in Confidence

Nora Swann has been running Dressed in Confidence in schools and work spaces for the past four years. DIC is a programme that empowers women to know their self worth and gives them the confidence needed to achieve their goals and live their dream. She recently hosted a fashion show which raised funds for a Dressed in Confidence Wellness Centre to be established in south Auckland in 2020.

Toni Helleur’s holistic solutions to help her Pacific Island and Māori communities

Samoan-Niuean Toni Helleur is a Crime Prevention Officer based at the Māngere Town Centre. When Toni first started working at the town centre, she saw a large number of homeless and unemployed youth frequent the centre. Two years on, thanks to holistic solutions, things have changed for the better.

Pasifika and Māori youth at higher risk for rheumatic fever

Our Māori and Pacific children have high rates of rheumatic fever in New Zealand; a life threatening auto immune disease which can cause severe heart damage. Rheumatic fever starts with a sore throat known as 'strep throat', which can be caught through air born droplets or by sharing food or drinks. If your child or family member has a sore throat or is showing any of the early symptoms of strep throat or rheumatic fever, take them to the doctor immediately and insist for a throat swab.

Pacific education gets boost from Budget

Government plans to scrap donations for students from decile 1-7 schools after announcing a $265.6million injection into education from this year’s Wellbeing budget. According to the Budget, schools are expected to receive $150 per student from 2020. Karl Vasau, Principal for Rowandale School in Manurewa is welcoming the money he says will directly benefit Pacific […]

Housing gets no new funding in 2019 Wellbeing Budget

The 2019 budget announcements released earlier today had a strong focus on mental health and child well being, with little being said about housing and homelessness. Earlier this month the Government announced an almost $200 million boost to tackle chronic homelessness, providing a “wraparound” service, through its Housing First initiative. Housing First is the government’s […]