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Mandate Podcast: Creating safe and healing talanoa spaces for Pasifika men

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MANDATE Podcast hosts Charles Mulipola and Petia Wilson. Photo: Supplied
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Neueli Mauafu | Reporter

“Whatever they want to talk about, we will follow their lead and let it be as authentic and organic, which makes for a natural and meaningful talanoa” 

These were the words of Petia Wilson, host of the viral online podcast “Mandate”.

With more than 12 thousand followers and growing on their social media platforms, and quality content for viewers, the Auckland based podcast is making waves online. The Mandate team consists of 6 members, each with a specific role contributing to the success of the podcast.

Mandate has been running now for the past 2 years, but officially started picking up traction this year. In a society heavily influenced by technology and the fast changes of time, podcasts have become the recent trend. 

But what is a podcast?

According to Petia Wilson, host of Mandate, the basic definition of the term is “a digital audio file with a plethora of social media platforms”.

“In this day and age we live in a fast paced world/society and with the ever evolving technology and social media platforms, people practically have all this information in the palm of their hands” Wilson added.

Although it shares its name with the current covid “mandates”, Wilson says that the idea and name for the podcast was settled in before Covid became known.

MANDATE Podcast is working towards empowering men to have the courage to open up to other men about their own mental health. Photo: Supplied

With the podcast circling around issues faced by men including health, mental health and self esteem, the online platform became a space to discuss these matters.

For Wilson, it was his own personal experiences with these matters that gave him the idea to kickstart the podcast to help himself and other men facing similar issues. 

“In 2019-20, I was going through my own low points especially during the lockdowns. And at the time, I was watching a few podcasts like Joe Rogan and Tim Ferris”.

“It dawned on me that if I’m feeling like this, I wonder how many other men are going through similar struggles who need some encouragement and inspiration, who have gone through hardships but have found ways to combat them, push through and live out their passions and purpose”.

As with any startup project, Mandate had its highs and lows. With the ongoing pandemic, and the lockdown dates interrupting scheduled podcasts with guests, the Mandate team had to adjust to zoom meetings to get the ball rolling.

As mentioned by Wilson, it was like they had to do a full 360 view of everything, outlining their strengths and weaknesses as they went through the process. 

“One of the biggest hurdles was gaining traction and to see if anyone would be interested in the podcast, as it initially started off as a talk show/podcast with no guests in the beginning, but 5 guys sharing their views, struggles,” Wilson added.

“We had to go back to the drawing board, officially change it to just a podcast, changed the aesthetics, invested in more equipment and built the courage to ask guests on the show and put these specific processes in place”

“It has been beneficial as we are now beginning to see the fruits of grinding it out and being true to the heart of the vision”

The Mandate podcast table has been blessed with many known guests in the country. From actor Beulah Koale, politician Fa’anana Efeso Collins, to rappers/musicians Melowdowns and Poetik.

Each guest has played a major role for the podcast, sharing their personal stories for audience members, hoping to create healing and wellbeing.

The inclusion of guests on the show has played a major role in the popularity of the podcast. It is something that Wilson and his team are truly grateful for. 

“Our podcast is about being able to have these conversations, regardless of where one’s views land. It’s not our job to debate whether it’s right or wrong, it’s having the freedom to share without judgement and feel safe to do so”

“The hope is that we create a database and a series of talks that will withstand the test of time that help other generations to come”

“We believe a lot of the issues from years before men are still facing today with the additional societal pressures present and future that will be talked about and captured as other men sit at the table”



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