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Tagata Pasifika

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Meet the Vaka siblings sharing the runway in London Pacific Fashion Week 2021

By London Pacific Fashion Week

Meet Miss Seta Vaka and her 23-year-old brother Mr Selwyn Vaka both of Tongan descent who call New Zealand home. Both model siblings will be opening the Graduate Student Collection modelling for designers from Vanuatu and Solomon Islands to name a few. They will also be modelling for the LPFW Teaser show hosted at the Royal Greenwich Museum followed by the the main show day scheduled for the 17th September hosted at the Royal Horse Guards Hotel, Whitehall, London.

VAKA Model Siblings Miss Seta and Selwyn Vaka.

Miss Seta has participated in Beauty Pageants in New Zealand, and she is the current reigning Miss New Zealand Top Model 2019 – 2020, Miss Face of Beauty Tonga 2019 and Asia Pacific Top Model 1st Runner Up 2019.

“I currently work as a Team Leader at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, manufacturing medical products for hospitals around the world, and I am also studying for my Bachelors in Business Applied Management, Double Major in Human Resources Management and Operations and Production Management at Manukau Institute of Technology.”

“I used to be the only model, but my younger brother has always been following me to rehearsals and supporting me in every show I’ve been on, so I encouraged him to join.”

“He was still very shy, and last year we went to one of my shows and he came as my support person and the moment the designer saw him, he said to him, ‘Change. You are walking for my line’, haha, so he did,” said Miss Seta.

How did you find out about the LPFW? 

I have been following the LPFW for 2 years now, and it was through Fili Tapa’s and Pou’s post on Instagram that I found out about LPFW, so I have been following since. I had just missed the post for a model spot, but my brother sent it to me and so I thought why not try my luck.

New Zealand Top Model @FiliTapa modeling for Exclusive By off Da Rock – American Samoan Designers. 2018.

Are you excited to share the runway with your brother?

Honestly, he is like my son. He always tells me that he looks up to me because I have no limit to what I strive for, and he has always been under my care since I moved out of home from my parents as an independent individual. He enjoys sharing the runway with me, so yes, I am most definitely very excited to share this journey and experience with him and more.

Miss Seta Vaka. Photographer @IkonePhotography

What are your hobbies? 

My hobbies are: modelling, but it has become a passion of mine and I would do it over and over again; I love shopping; dining out in restaurants; I love singing and dancing; going to the movies; going to the gym; spending quality time with family and friends; lastly I love continuous learning and self development, and I most definitely love developing others when I see potential in them in any way possible, whether it’s at work or modelling and pageants.

Why LPFW? 

Because I love how LPFW promotes and showcases our Pacifica people and our talent to show the world that we are more than being small islands. We are talented, beautiful and we don’t discriminate shape and size, and the world needs to see and know that and it makes me so proud to be a Pacifica.


Who is your inspiration? 

My inspirations are my parents, especially my mum, as I wouldn’t have been the successful independent person I am today if it wasn’t for the sacrifices she made for not only me but my siblings as well. From farm to farm sun and rain she went through all struggles here in NZ to get us all here from Tonga and to give us a better life, and I hope to make her proud every day for the rest of her life on earth.

What is the first thing you will do when you get to LONDON? 

To be honest I haven’t really thought of the first thing I would do when I get to London, as I’m just very excited to see the amazing designs that will be showcased at LPFW and meeting the director and the rest of the models.

Meet Mr Selwyn Vaka who started his Fashion journey two years ago and since then has never looked back. He followed his older sister Miss Seta Vaka to all her Fashion Events and was immediately noticed by one of the designers, who offered him the chance to be one of the models in his collection.

How did you find out about LPFW? 

I came across it on the London Pacific Fashion Media IG STORY one night and thought this would be an exciting opportunity to pursue.

As a Polynesian Male model based in New Zealand, is there a lot of modelling opportunities? 

As a Polynesian male model, I think there are plenty of Poly Male model opportunities presented in several areas through different values, people and cultures. Over the years I learnt to adjust to it all by taking advantage of any opportunities offered.

What are your hobbies? 

I have always been super athletic and have a passion for training [whether] it be in the gym or outdoor workouts. I love dancing and enjoy dressing up for fun.

What advice would you give to an emerging Tongan male model? 

I would say, “Manatu kihe Tupu’anga” (remember your roots). Only then you will remain humble and gain strength for the upcoming challenges. Don’t be afraid to try something new, be different and unique!

PC: Marten Bearda

What is the first thing you will do when you reach London? 

Definitely search the nearest food place and take a load of photos and videos for everyone back home.

Follow their LPFW preparations via their IG handles @SetaVaka @Its_Selwyn_



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