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Niuean/Cook Island creative holds inaugural event for Pasifika DJ’s

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(L): Frazer Strickland – Founder of Layers Platform. Photo: Provided.
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Neueli Mauafu | Reporter

There is no questioning the importance of good music at any Pasifika or island function. 

Whether it is a live band or a DJ, he/she is responsible for creating the tone of the event. It’s a task that Niuean and Cook Islander DJ/creative Frazer Strickland is aware of.

Founder of the Layers Platform social media page, Strickland saw the opportunity to create an event for up and coming Pasifika DJ’s called Layers 2.0 which took place last Saturday at Raynham Park Studio.

Layers Platform is an online platform that specialises in a range of artistic fields including apparel, music and other media forms. Layers 2.0 is part of their range of events which they host to hopefully give back and help the pacific community.

“We wanted to create a space where DJ’s could share their talent without any restrictions,” he said. 

“Being a DJ you go to birthdays and functions and you know you have to play this kind of music or songs in the criteria of that specific event. So the whole idea of creating Layers 2.0 was so they can express themselves freely”.

Alongside playing music and having an open space for their work, the event was also an opportunity for those in the music and DJ scene to connect and network to create further opportunities in the future.

Layers 2.0 DJ’s.

The event featured young DJ’s with the likes of Lee Brews, Matt Max, and Dreuce, just some of the young up and coming talent in the DJ and music industry in New Zealand. 

“For 3 months, I had this idea of creating an event like this at the end of the year. It was more so just plans and at a talking stage but once we secured location it was all set to go from then on”.

“It was tough at first because this was the first time me and my team had hosted or planned an event like this, but we enjoyed the process of getting everything set for it”

Having experienced his time within the space through different gigs and events, Strickland described the profession as a “it’s who you know” situation.

He added that the music industry in New Zealand centred on a lot of “cliques” resulting in many artists not finding connections or networks to help their music and skills grow.

Frazer DJ’ing.

“We want them (DJs) to gain not only a lot of experience but to also connect with those in the industry through Layers 2.0. This job is all about who you know and the various networks you create”.

“Most of these young DJ’s need just that one opportunity especially for our pacific young ones, and watch them flourish and grow with their talent”.

For Strickland himself, his love for music and creativity stems from a young age and his father pushing him to join a band. It is the same passion that he now has today in which he hopes to share more to pasifika artists and musicians who are hoping to aspire in the career.

Alongside his events and work he promotes for his social media platforms, he hopes to see his event now and in the future expand more into not only helping DJs in New Zealand but specifically Pasifika young people.

Snapshots of the Layers 2.0 event. Photo: @thelayersplatform IG.

Strickland also has plans to hopefully take an event such as Layers 2.0 to his home nation of Niue and Cook Island.

“For me, I really want to see our pacific people win more so our up and coming DJs and artists”. There was the Motherland Festival recently and for me that was so beautiful seeing artists and DJ’s giving back to our islands back home. That would be a dream come true for myself in the future as a proud Niue and Cook Islander living in New Zealand”.

“There’s not that many of us you know but we are small in numbers but have big hearts. One day this will be a global and worldwide project”.

If you are willing to help Frazer and his team for future events, give their social media pages a follow:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thelayersplatform/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheLayersPlatform



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