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Tagata Pasifika

The Pacific voice on
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since 1987

Pacific Dance Festival celebrates diversity and talent in spectacular showcase

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Hanalei Foliaki | Reporter/Director

The Pacific Dance Festival is a celebration of diverse cultures and it made a triumphant return to the Auckland scene after a three-year absence.

The festival brought together a kaleidoscope of works that included workshops, performances, seminars, screenings, and fashion shows.

Under the guidance of Director Iosefa Enari, the aim this year was to foster and serve the community, with a special focus on supporting emerging artists.

Enari expressed his desire to provide opportunities as a way to fulfil one of the festival’s primary goals.

“Our big goal is to get people from the community into the big theatres here in New Zealand,” he says.

Vivian Hosking Aue premiered his newest work, Enua.

One familiar face, Vivian Hosking Aue, premiered his work, ‘ENUA; the show to finish the festival.

Alongside his contributions to dance, Vivian also thrives in fashion, theatre, and design, making his artistic journey truly unique.

The concept for ‘ENUA was thought up by Vivian in 2014 where he envisioned new-look inner city.

“What if Ponsonby was South Auckland today?”

“How would we look like, what would we wear, just how would we act in life?” Vivian says

With a cast of 40 talented models and 12 dancers, the countless hours of dedication and commitment went into fusing their talents.

For some, the experience brought them knowledge and growth, expanding their understanding of various dance forms.

Despite the challenges and sleepless nights, the performers remained dedicated and the collision of vibrant hues and Pacific dance made for a successful showcase.

The Pacific Dance Festival once again proved to be a testament to the power of dance as a universal language. It celebrated diversity, showcased emerging artists and ensured that the spirit of traditional Pacific dance will continue to be fostered for generations to come.



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