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Shepherds Reign new single ‘Aiga’, a nod to family, friends and community

On the back of their 2019 hit Le Manu, South Auckland Polynesian band Shepherds Reign have returned with a brand new track as equally captivating and thrilling.

Aiga is another stunning tribute to their Samoan culture and language and is their acknowledgement of the love and support from family, friends and community. Addressing their fanbase on Facebook, the band wrote, “we would like to take this time to thank all of you, our fans, for believing in us and supporting us through these hard times.”

“Wasn’t easy but we did it! This is dedicated to our families for their endless support and all of you who are now part of our Shepherds Reign family. We are growing fast!”

2020 has been a good year for Shepherds Reign despite the Covid-19 pandemic. The band’s song Le Manu recently made Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Spotify gym playlist and reached over 2 million views on Youtube.

The group also opened for award-winning Kiwi metal group Devilskin on their recent national tour. Shepherds Reign are set to continue their tour with Devilskin in Australia.

Aiga is available to view and stream on Youtube and Spotify.


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