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Tagata Pasifika

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Valeti Hoeft brings passion for Tongan crafts to the world of Jewellery with online brand Dimure Misi

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Model showcasing some of Valeti Hoeft’s creations. Photo: Supplied
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Kendall Vano | Reporter

Valeti’s dreams for Dimure began with her jewellery course in early 2021 with workshop 6. There after she began creating her signature brand she then began the next step to eventually grow into a business. 

Dimure was registered in November of 2021 but the official collection was released in March of this year. “Dimure is play on the word demure meaning reserved, modest and shy. Misi stands for dream in Tongan.” Valeti says. 

Valeti remarks on her parents but more attributes the creation of her brand to the women in her family. She is vocal on her passion for representation and speaks openly on its importance in her designs. Stating that she would like to see more of our Pacific people in the industry. 

Valeti Hoeft brings her passion for Tongan craft to the world of jewellery. Photo: Supplied

“I would watch my mother create a gift from scratch and on another day watch my paternal grandmother sit in the sun on a tapa cloth while creating intricate designs with black ink.”

“I thought how wonderful it would be to create something from such a beautiful space of creativity and offer a piece of that to others”. She adds. 

Valeti opens up about her journey toward her ultimate goal and the empathy and compassion needed along the way. For herself,  being the continuous journey from a shy woman into a confident professional.

Each ring has it personalised with its unique narrative and definition behind the design.

“I wanted to carry over the story-telling in the Pacific culture for my pieces” She says. 

“It is very subtle and can be interpreted differently for others. I made each ring in a healthy emotional space and wanted to name each ring or earring after that part of my journey with jewellery.”

Circ ring by Dimure Misi. Photo: Supplied
Spear earrings by Dimure Misi. Photo: Supplied

Dimure Misi comes in many clean natural designs influenced by tapa cloth or cultural artworks passed down through her family. 

“Turning these designs into wearable art that can be passed down through generations is the goal. Each piece handed down with a story, it’s a beautiful idea. I consider myself a baby jeweller and am aiming to incorporate further cultural designs into my jewellery as I continue on my journey to learn and grow.” 

Loyal customers have complimented on its symbolism and storytelling components. Messaging how they have interpreted their chosen ring with their own journey.



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