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Tagata Pasifika

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Young comedian excited for collaboration with Comedy Central

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Neueli Mauafu | Reporter

From one minute skits on Instagram, to now managing his own content studio and show, Joe Daymond has definitely climbed through the ranks of the entertainment industry. What people know is that this was all planned out. 

“It’s quite surreal,” Daymond said. “Basically, I came up with this master plan in 2017, when I did my first stand up. The plan basically was laid out for the next five years on how I was going to build a career in New Zealand”. 

It has become a habit of Daymonds in mapping out his success through his plans. Aside from his comedy gigs and online skits, Daymond can be found at his main office at West Park.

A content and entertainment studio that focuses on uplifting other creatives or upcoming talent in the country. Also currently in the works, is his show “Bouncers” written and directed by himself, in collaboration with global network Comedy Central. 

Originally from Wainuiomata, Joe Daymond is the youngest comedian to sell out SkyCity Theatre in Auckland. Photo: Abigail Dougherty/Stuff

It is a dream come true for the young comedian from Tai Levu Fiji, as he finds himself working with global networks and partnerships.

“To do these projects with Comedy Central, it is pretty special. Especially since I grew up watching people like Key and Peele, that’s where they started”. 

“To be aligned with those guys who you look up to, is pretty crazy for me”.

As he embarks through his journey and success, Daymond has also invested his time in creating pathways for other people just like him.

Growing up, Daymond experienced a mixed upbringing. From travelling overseas as a young child, he managed to experience how other cultures worked and adapted through their daily lives.

Moving back to New Zealand and completing high school, Daymond began to look for avenues of work. This became a struggle for him as there weren’t many opportunities available for him.

With WestPark, Daymond and his team hope to create a space, where entertainers and creators can display their talent.

Joe Daymond has hopes to see people excel in the creative scene with West Park . Photo: Tagata Pasifika

“My thing is, I don’t really see it as my responsibility or I don’t, you know I’m not like here parading saying I opened up the door for everyone”

“But I know if I at least try to impact the people around me, and do my part, you know the very least, they’ll take on those values and they’ll do theirs, and that’s how you create a community that really leads itself with a lot of strength and mana”.

Being an entertainer himself, Daymond has also become familiar with social media and how it functions. It has become an essential for him especially with his online content. 

“Social media is the only industry or platform with no gatekeepers” 

“It’s straight from creator to audience. And if you look at it, it’s the only discipline where our Pacific and Maori people thrive in”. 

“It’s more free, and I think it authentically represents the reality of things, so we need to use it wisely especially for our creators”.

With all the work he does and the success he accumulates, Daymond only wishes that he can inspire his people. 

“Building a community where everyone succeeds is my goal,” Daymond said.  “I give it five years, and we will see our people reach their goals. It’s our time and I know it is soon”. 



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