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Tagata Pasifika

Talanoa: Samoan horticulture family business helps to bring workers into orchards

This week the Government announced incentives to get unemployed people to move to the regions to work in the orchards. The Momoisea family run the Momoisea Horticulture Services, a company that’s helping to bring workers down to the Hawke’s Bay.

Unemployed Kiwis encouraged to take up seasonal work in the regions

The Government’s announced new incentives to attract unemployed people to the regions to take up seasonal work. Theresa Momoisea, from Momoisea Horticultural Services in Napier, joins Marama to give her take on the announcement.

Talanoa – Poaching or Opportunity? – the schoolboy rugby scandal

One of New Zealand's top private schools - St Kentigern's College - has been ousted from an Auckland Schoolboy Rugby Competition, accused of poaching players from across the country. Now eleven schools say they won't play St Kent's so what does it mean for our pacific players, especially when an opportunity comes knocking to get a scholarship to a private school? Watch as former All Black Pita Alatini and former Manu Samoa captain Mulitalo Filipo Levi discuss the issue with Marama T-Pole

The treasured history of PIC Newton

In its hey-day newton PIC in Auckland was a busy hub serving the needs of pacific migrants most of whom lived in the inner city. But over the years as pacific people have left inner city areas, the church has remained for those who continue to call it home. Known as the mother church, those parishioners celebrated its 70th anniversary, bringing back many happy memories. Watch for some highlights of the celebrations.

Pacific People try and lower preventable drownings.

Auckland has more drownings each year than anywhere else in the country, and despite the decline in preventable drownings compared with this time last year, for Pacific People the water is still a dangerous place. Watch as Alistar Kata explains why the tide is turning.

Jonathan Lemalu and Virtuoso Strings Orchestra sensational Concert

Grammy award-winning operatic bass, Jonathan Lemalu teamed up with the Virtuoso Strings Orchestra this week for a one time concert at Wellington's Opera House. Watch to see the amazing result.

NZ gifts Tokelau an inter atoll passenger ferry

A new inter-atoll passenger ferry launched in Christchurch yesterday will greatly improve transport between Tokelau's three main atolls. Watch to find out how.

Samoa and NZ Officials’ dispute over Tag ownership

In sport, tensions continue to rise between Samoa and New Zealand based officials over ownership and management of its national tag squad. Watch to find out more

Pacific People need to urgently change behaviour to live longer

Pacific people need to reverse alarming life expectancy statistics which sees them dying younger and having higher rates of chronic disease. That’s the message from the Heart Foundation's Pacific Health Manager Mafi Funaki-Tahifote. Watch to find out more.