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Tagata Pasifika

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Freedom Feulufai: Building a Legacy for family and community

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Hanalei Foliaki | Reporter/Director

Building company owner helps fellow ‘chippies’ get qualified while creating a future for his family.

In the early hours of the morning, while most are still asleep, Freedom Feulufai is up and at ’em. 

Owner of his own business, AR Build Ltd (All Round Build Limited), Freedom has spent a wealth of time in the construction industry.

And Freedom says he owes it all to his dad.

“My Dad was a builder… so every holiday we had to work with him and it was pretty hard work,” says Freedom. “He’s a real hard worker.”

Despite the early exposure to the trade, Freedom initially found himself unsure about his future but with his dad’s guidance, he managed to surpass the ‘labour’ stage with ease.

However, the turning point in his career came when he realised the importance of formal qualifications. 

“In a way, it made me think, ‘Oh yeah, I don’t need a ticket, I know this and that.. But some of the companies I worked for, they’d use that to your disadvantage,” he says.

Pacific people make up 7% of the infrastructure workforce in New Zealand, with many of them unqualified.

Organisations like BCITO (Building and Construction Training Organisation) are instrumental in helping them complete their apprenticeships, something Freedom is passionate about. 

“Pretty much all my boys are on their BCITO apprenticeship… I’ve actually just pushed them to get qualified,” he says.

Behind his passion for the job is Freedom’s love for his family. Married with four children, he sees his business as a legacy for his kids. 

“They’re pretty much the influence on why I try and just push to… keep this company going,” he says.

With up to 1,575 Pasifika people qualified through BCITO in the past 5 years, Freedom is keen to keep the numbers rising. 

His message to aspiring builders is clear.

“Just get qualified boys. It’s actually worth it in the long run. No one questions your ability and you know your skill.”

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