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2,956 COVID-19 Support Packages delivered to Pacific families in NZ so far

Pasifika Futures COVID-19 Support Partner The Fono, a health and social services centre, are encouraging families to contact them if they are in need of support during the Covid-19 crises.

The Fono Social Services Manager Ana Aitcheson said her team are receiving almost 200 messages and phone calls a day from families requesting Covid-19 Support Packages and even other support such as financial budgeting, mental health and landlord advocacy.

“People are just wanting advice on what to do and who they can go to for help during this time. What we are trying to do on all our social media platforms is let families know that they can just call us, and even if we aren’t the right person to talk to, then we’ll find the right person for them.”

She added that the North Island based provider has now delivered food vouchers to almost 800 families since the nation-wide lockdown had been announced.

“Packages include essential food items and staples such as flour, sugar, bread, fresh produce, jam, peanut butter and children’s snacks when they are available.”

“We’ve also provided 15 utility payments for families this week. That’s around $4000 worth of bill payments. We know families are going to feel the financial burden in these coming weeks, especially with job loses, and children being home all day. We are doing financial support on a case-by-case basis.”

In total, 2,956 Covid-19 Support Packages have been received by Pacific families across New Zealand, with 2,413 delivered in the North Island and 543 in the South Island.

The Fono is an Auckland based health and social services provider and can be contacted on this number if you need Covid-19 Support: 021-956-633

Visit: http://pacifichealth.org.nz/covid-19-support/ for contact details of other providers delivering COVID-19 Support Packages in New Zealand.

Source: Pasifika Medical Association

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