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Family’s faith helping them through tragic loss of beloved son

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Joshuah Tasi was fatally stabbed during an incident in the Auckland suburb of Beach Haven. Photo: Supplied
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John Utanga | Senior Journalist

The family of Samoan man Joshuah Tasi, killed in a stabbing last Friday say their faith is what’s helping them get through the tragedy.

The 28-year-old Tasi was fatally wounded last Friday in the North Shore suburb of Beach Haven following what’s alleged to be a ‘road rage’ incident.

Despite receiving attention from neighbours who happened on the scene, Tasi could not be saved.

Two teenagers are facing murder charges in relation to his death.

Flowers laid by a power pole in Beach Haven on Auckland’s North Shore. Photo: Lawrence Smith/Stuff

Tasi family spokesperson Peta Forrest says while the death has come as a huge shock, the waves of alofa and support from the community and wider family over the last few days has been a comfort.

“It’s very traumatising and difficult but they’ve been able to lean into their church family, their Samoan family, not just immediate but they’ve had so many extended family from across Tāmaki Makaurau just coming in,” Peta says.

“This is not what any family should go through but this particular family is doing the best they can and I think their faith is a very big part in helping them to process this tragedy.”

The grieving family issued a statement on Tuesday saying they were still coming to grips with their loss.

“As a family, we are deeply shocked and hurt that our beloved Joshuah is no longer with us. We are still finding it difficult to navigate through all the emotions and feelings around the nature of his passing and the events leading up to it.”

Hundreds gathered for a karakia vigil held on Sunday evening. Photo: Newshub

They thanked the support they have received from the Beach Haven community who have, “showered us with their love, condolences and prayers”.

And they reserved a special thanks to those who were with him near the end.

“We especially would love to thank those people who were with Josh in his final moments.
“No words could describe the magnitude of our appreciation for acting as quickly as you did without a second thought. It is comforting to know that he was not alone.”

The family describes Joshuah as someone you could never see in a negative light. Someone who was deeply loved and treasured. An incredibly multi-talented singer, dancer, actor, artist, saxophone, and guitar player.

A family service for Joshuah will be held on Monday 13 March, with the funeral taking place the following day.

A Givealittle page has been set up for the Tasi Family.

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