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GPs concerned about the drop in doctor’s visits during Covid-19 lockdown

Associate Clinical Director for Pacific at ProCare Health Dr Justine Mesui spoke with Tagata Pasifika reporter Alistar Kata about the importance of Pacific people seeking medical assistance for health conditions not related to Covid-19.

GPs have seen a drop in New Zealanders seeking medical care from their GPs since the Covid-19 lockdown began.

“Covid-19 has scared everybody,” said Dr Mesui.

She believes one reason people are not coming into the clinics is because they think they might catch an infection.

“I just want to reassure everybody that we are keeping our clinics very clean and sterile. If you do need to see a doctor face-to-face, we’re usually wearing protective gear.”

She said another reason people were not turning up to appointments is they may think all doctors are busy or they think they are being a nuisance, which Dr Mesui points out is “far from true”.

“Most of us are in our office waiting for people to ring us.”

“We are your best friend during this time. We want to help.”

“Even though the pandemic is around, everybody still has their illnesses.”

Watch the full interview above.

If your GP is closed and you need help, you can phone healthline (0800 611 116) or visit your local white cross: https://www.whitecross.co.nz/

In a medical emergency, call 111.



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