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“No one is immune” – Sela Alo speaks from quarantine after positive test

Sela Alo spoke with Tagata Pasifika reporter Moana Makapelu Lee after his diagnosis with Covid-19. He shared a strong message to Pacific communities of the importance to stay home and stay local.

After more than a week with a cough and feeling run down, the former Flava broadcaster was tested for Covid-19. A couple of days later, the results came back positive.

He believed it was likely he had picked up the virus at his daughter’s school, Marist College, which has the biggest cluster of coronavirus cases in New Zealand.

Quarantined in his bedroom, he said the road to recovery was just about trying to rest.

“My family has been really supportive. Knowing they are negative, that’s peace of mind for me. I want to do my best to make sure they stay negative.”

He said by sharing his message about his positive diagnosis on social media, he hoped the Pacific community would realise that “no one is immune”.

“We have a lower life expectancy than other ethnic groups – us and Māori.”

“We don’t need the help of Covid-19 to make us die any sooner.”

He said if Pacific people flout self-isolation rules, the virus will be a “ticking time bomb” in the community.

Listen to the full interview above.

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