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Nominations open for the SunPix Pacific Peoples Awards 2020

SunPix Awards 2019 winners

The 6th annual SunPix Pacific Peoples Awards will take place on 6 November in Auckland to once again celebrate Pacific people in New Zealand.

Nominations are accepted for Pacific people in New Zealand who are judged to make a significant contribution to the Pacific communities in Aotearoa.

There are six awards categories – Community Leadership, Education, Enterprise, Emerging Leadership, Health and Wellbeing and Pacific Service Excellence.

Judges will also be interested in activity and contribution over the Covid-19 period.

Managing Director Taualeo’o Stephen Stehlin says, “The Awards will honour the heroes we already know and give them national recognition. I urge you to nominate your heroes from your communities who continue to give outstanding service and contribution to Aotearoa.”

Nominations are now open until 5 September 2020. Nominate here or go to www.sunpix.co.nz/awards for more information.

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