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Remembering fearless Hawaiian activist Haunani-Kay Trask

The Pacific and the world are mourning the loss of Hawaiian scholar and activist Haunani-Kay Trask, who died at the weekend aged 71.

In 1991 Tagata Pasifika had the privilege of interviewing Professor Trask for the documentary The Hawaiians. Trask, a fearless advocate for the Kānaka Maoli, spoke passionately about Native Hawaiian rights and indigenous sovereignty.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m a patriot of the Hawaiian nation. The Hawaiian nation burns in our hearts. It’s still alive. It’s right here on my land.”

Our alofa to Haunani-Kay Trask’s family, friends and the Hawaiian community.

Dr Haunani-Kay Trask 03 October 1949 – 03 July 2021

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