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Samoan language video illustrates importance of immunisation

Auckland University of Technology (AUT) have released the second episode in their #AUTuni 2020 Pacific Language Video series.

The video focuses on the importance of immunisation for our Pacific communities in Gagana Samoa, tying in with Samoan Language Week.

Supported by research from the Pacific Islands Families Study and in partnership with Pacific Media Network, the video highlights a key 2002 finding “that is even more pertinent today as we strive towards healthy and resilient futures for our children”.

The PIF Study – now in its 20th year – is the largest longitudinal study of its kind. Based at the AUT South Campus in South Auckland, it continues to follow more than 1,300 Pacific children born at Middlemore Hospital in the year 2000, and their parents, with a focus on health and wellbeing over key developmental stages. 

Major outcomes from the study have included the development of guidelines around hearing screening for infants, key smoking statistics amongst Pacific adults, and data showing the positive influence of cultural resiliency and identity. 

Led by AUT’s Office of Pacific Advancement, the video series – ‘Adapting to a changing world, shaping resilient futures – explores cultural resilience and health, immunisation, father involvement, nutrition, mental health, and more. 

A Rotuman language video was the first to launch, tying in with the Ministry for Pacific Peoples’ inaugural Rotuman Language Week. Further Pacific language videos will be released in I-Kiribati, Cook Islands Māori, Tongan, Tuvaluan, Fijian, Niuean, and Tokelauan. 

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