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Vaccination drive for Samoans in Manurewa set to launch this week

Samoa i Manurewa Tutū Faatasi thumbnail

Church leaders and community representatives have rallied together to help increase the vaccination rate for Samoans in Manurewa.

The “Samoa i Manurewa Tutū Fa’atasi” (Samoans in Manurewa stand together) is a two-day vaccination drive that will launch on Friday 8 – 9 October from 9am to 4pm at the Northcrest carpark.

Rev Sioa Letalu of the Manurewa Methodist Church says that getting vaccinated is a way to fight against Covid so we can return to normalcy.

“O le auala e te’ete’e atu ai i lenei faamai o le faia o tatou tui puipui ae le o le loka pea i totonu o tatou fale. Fa’amolemole, fai ou tui puipui,” Rev Letalu says.

Local Manurewa resident and registered nurse Marylynn Ah Luni says she got vaccinated to protect her loved ones who are most vulnerable.

“I got vaccinated because I love my family, especially my grandmother and my nephews and nieces. I did it to protect them,” she says

“I encourage you all to get your vaccinations done. If you don’t do it for you, then do it for your elderlies and your little ones.”

Although the drive is focused primarily on Samoans in Manurewa, those who have missed out on the previous community-led vaccination centres are welcome. Bookings are not mandatory so feel free to pop in if you’re 12 years and above.

If you’re feeling sick and experiencing flu like symptoms, please get tested and await further instructions from your doctor of when to get vaccinated.

Pastor Lui Ponifasio of Life Church Manurewa and one of the key conveners of the event says those who will attend will be given the full Manurewa experience.

“The event will include music from a DJ, Samoan food sourced from local businesses as well as prizes and giveaways for those who get a vaccination. Our team will also be on-site in fancy dresses, as we want to make it a safe festive atmosphere that people will remember not just for their vaccination but for the positive Manurewa experience,” he says.

The Samoa i Manurewa Tutū Fa’atasi team have delivered flyers to local Manurewa businesses and have set up a phone bank to reach out to locals. An 0800 number (0800 11 50 05) has been activated to enable callers to talk to Samoan/English speakers regarding the event.

Samoa i Manurewa Tutū Fa’atasi is made up of church leaders, community representatives and young people all from Manurewa.

For more information follow the Samoa i Manurewa Tutū Fa’atasi Facebook page.


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