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Pepeha: The unique Māori way of introducing yourself

Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori celebrations kick off this week, and one website is making it easier for all Kiwis to take part.

A pepeha is a Māori way of introducing yourself by “sharing your connections with the people and places that are important to you”. Pepeha.nz has provided some guides on its website for how you can create your own to download.

Launched by Designworks, the Pepeha Project was created and led by a Māori team.

“We see the pepeha project as a gift of connection for all New Zealanders and another step in the important path of sustaining and protecting the national treasure that is Te Reo Māori.”

Andrew Baker, Cultural Advisor for 3 Degrees, says the pepeha is “another great step in how Kiwis are evolving and embracing Māori culture.”

“The pepeha offers an opportunity for New Zealanders to learn more about their sense of place, to learn about the stories of this place and the rich history.”

“[It] connects you directly to some of our taonga, our mountains, our lakes, our rivers; [it] connects you to the whenua, connects you to a place.”

“The pepeha is a gift, it’s a taonga that every New Zealander can embrace and should embrace. It’s just such a beautiful way to enrich their own understanding of being a New Zealander.”

Visitors to the site can enter a few details to create their own pepeha to download and share with friends and family.

Click here to create your own pepeha.

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