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Big Fan’s Pasifika Fan Camp wraps up celebrating creativity, diversity and musical prowess

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Kendall Vano | Reporter

In a celebration of creativity, diversity, and musical prowess, Big Fan’s Pasifika Fan Camp has concluded, bringing together a diverse group of Pasifika artists, musicians, and producers for five days of collaborative magic.

Big Fan, a not-for-profit, multi-purpose music space in Morningside Auckland, boasts three world-class recording studios and a live music venue, all aimed at supporting and nurturing musical talents regardless of experience level.

The recent Pasifika Fan Camp created a unique space for Pasifika artists to come together, collaborate, and create something extraordinary.

Left: Aubrie Mitchell. Photo: Kendall Vano – Tagata Pasifika.

Aubrie Mitchell, one of the driving forces behind the initiative, expressed the camp’s goal of cultivating a sense of community within the Pacifica people in the music industry.

 “Our aim is pretty much to cultivate a sort of community within the Pacifica people in the music industry and to just get some creative juices going and flowing.” 

Mahaani Maiava, who took part in the camp, highlighted the significance of the personal connections made during the event. 

“Making music is always magical, but it’s the people that kind of matter the most,” 

Photo: Kendall Vano – Tagata Pasfiika.

“The camp provided an opportunity for musicians not only to collaborate creatively but also to forge meaningful connections that extend beyond the studio,” says Mahaani Maiava. 

Te Kura Huia shared their enthusiasm for the experience, emphasising the inspiration drawn from working with like-minded Pacifica artists.

 “I love meeting new people, especially other like-minded Pacifica artists and working with them and getting to know them and seeing what the differences are, seeing their skill set.”  

Jordyn with a Y. Photo: Kendall Vano – Tagata Pasifika.

Jordyn with a Y described the energy at the camp as “absolutely incredible” and highlighted the unique process of working with a different group every day to produce a song. 

Ema I’u Barton and Villiami Tupa’i, who experienced the camp for the first time, expressed their appreciation for the unique process.

 “It’s quite a freeing exercise because I’ve never seen anything like this before, and it also is purely giving back to musicians as a community,” shared Ema.

Pictured right: Alan “AI” Motufoua. Photo: Kendall Vano – Tagata Pasifika.

Alan “Al” Motufoua, one of the producers, highlighted the need to keep an open mind during the collaborative process. 

“Having to keep an open mind about where people are. Like as a songwriter, because the last camp I was at, I was a songwriter, you kind of get to, I guess, lead the way in terms of where you want the day to go,” Al explained.

The event not only showcased the incredible talent within the Pasifika music community but also reinforced the power of music to bring people together and create lasting connections.

Aubrie shares that the success of the Pasifika Fan Camp lies in providing opportunities for those who are keen to move forward in their careers and take on new opportunities.” 

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