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Emerging artist Sire spreading “love, restoration, healing, and freedom” with new EP


From the spectacular peaks and scenery of Taranaki comes an artist as equally as impressive; Māori/Samoan artist Sire is ready to share his talents and creativity with the world.

The Melbourne-based R&B artist, dancer, singer and songwriter has recently released his new EP ‘Food For Thought‘, a collection of six tracks aiming to “spread a message of love, restoration, healing and freedom.”

With an abundance of rap artists currently dominating New Zealand’s urban music landscape (that’s not a bad thing!), the soulful and melodic voice of Sire is a welcome change. Inspired by artists like Michael Jackson and Chris Brown, Sire’s vocals wrap effortlessly around catchy and melodic music production, making these six tracks enjoyable easy listening.

A great showcase of his songwriting and singing abilities, we’re eager to see where Sire’s talents and gifts lead him.

Listen to Sire’s Food For Thought EP here.


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