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Tagata Pasifika

The Pacific voice on
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since 1987

It’s a generational thing: The inspiring father and son duo of DJ Reminise & DJ K-Swizz 

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Hanalei Foliaki | Reporter/Director

Turntablism has been putting music in a spin for the last 50 years. 

It’s the way in which sound and music samples have been manipulated by the turn of vinyl. 

One stand out duo is Cook Island father and son DJ Reminise and DJ K-Swizz, who are blending old-school techniques with new-age beats. 

DJ Reminise, a pioneer in New Zealand’s R&B DJ scene, began his journey in the 1990s, never imagining that his hobby would turn into a full-time career.

At just 12 years old, he was introduced to the night life through an older neighbour of his,  something he felt was a turning point in his interest in music. 

“You know I’m 12 years old getting 300 dollars a night back in the 90’s… I was just like, ‘oh man I really enjoyed this night’… [and] I’ve been a full time DJ ever since,” he says.

Since then, he’s opened for A-listers like Toni Braxton, D’Angelo, Brandy, and Boys II Men, quickly making a name for himself. 

Now, he’s passing the torch on to son Kalib, who’s putting a spin of his own into the art of DJing.

Inspired by his father growing up, Kalib quickly became accustomed to music, building his own vinyl collection and mastering the turntables by the age of 9. 

His talent and dedication led him to 10 major world championship titles in competitions under the brands DMC and IDA, both nationally and globally.

Collaborating on their old and new school skill sets, Kalib often builds his routines independently but is always open to his father’s advice for fine-tuning. 

“He’s impacted my journey a lot… Keeping me on the right path, staying focused, making sure I practise putting in my hours and always reminding me to take out the rubbish before I practise,” Kalib chuckles. 

As technology continues to evolve, DJ Reminise and DJ K-Swizz continue to adapt, incorporating new techniques into their sets. 

They have both embraced live streaming as a way to stay engaged with their thousands of viewers around the world which also serves as a strategic way of keeping their skills fresh between Kalib’s competitions.

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