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Tagata Pasifika

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Jason Momoa receives warm kiwi welcome despite playing villain in latest film

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Hanalei Foliaki | Reporter/Director

In an electrifying shift from his iconic superhero role, Jason Momoa takes on the challenge of portraying villain “Dante” in the 10th sequel of the ‘Fast n Furious’ franchise, “Fast X”.

The actor took a dive into the shadows with a wicked grin, captivating audiences with nuances of playful supervillains.

At the recent red carpet premiere, Momoa’s presence was met with overwhelming excitement and support from fans and fellow New Zealand celebrities.

Momoa revealed that playing the villain was a refreshing and enjoyable experience, when asked about immersing himself in the character,

“It was fun. I wanted to make him approachable,” he says.

Jason Momoa as Fast X villain Dante

Dante’s on-screen presence wasn’t limited to his menacing personality, but it also extended to his distinct fashion choices. He says he took inspiration from a necklace made by a friend.

“It was like these beautiful pastel colours. It was kind of a neat idea to wear this softer side, and you’re like invited into this character that looks nice and then when you get close to him, [and he’s] just the devil” he says.

Fans flocked to the premiere of “Fast X” at Sylvia Park, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood celebrity who is living in New Zealand for the filming of his latest Apple Series ‘Chief of War’.

Momoa with Cliff Curtis (Left of Momoa). Photo: Sonna Studios

Supporting him were some of New Zealand’s A-listers, including Chief of War co-stars Cliff Curtis and Temuera Morrison.

Curtis praised Momoa’s multifaceted talents, acknowledging his skills not only as an actor but also as a photographer and mountain climber.

Morrison, who plays Momoa’s father in “Aquaman”, humorously claimed credit for “making” Momoa, expressing his pride in seeing his on-screen son’s success.

Amidst the overwhelming love from his New Zealand fans, it was only right for Tagata Pasifika reporter Hanalei Temese Foliaki to continue the trend by gifting Momoa with a traditional Samoan kava bowl as a symbolic nod to his Pacific Island heritage.

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