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Tagata Pasifika

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Jordan Gavet: Aotearoa’s newest R&B star

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Alice Lolohea | Reporter/Director/Videographer

Her hit-single Hesitation is currently dominating Aotearoa’s airwaves. And with her recently released music video, up-and-coming R&B singer Jordan Gavet is proving that she is an artist worth listening to.

With the vocal prowess of a seasoned pro, Gavet effortlessly croons her way through a confession of sorts, lyrically weaving the story of a fafine who aims to shed some painful memories from her past and move forward with new love:

You know I wanna give it, give my all to you
Don’t you play with it if I give it all to you
You know I’ve been burnt, I got some trust issues
Swear I never used to have no trust issues

While she may be hurt, she is a strong woman who knows what she’s about and what she deserves:

I know I got all this body to serve
Well maybe I lived and I learned
Now maybe I know what I’m worth
And maybe I gotta be earned

The track itself is a perfect accompaniment to Gavet’s vocal abilities. Created by Sydney-based producer Willstah (who’s worked with Ariana Grande, Ella Mai, and Marc E. Bassy), Hesitation is a silky tune flavoured with a nostalgic R&B sound, an effortless backbeat, and Gavet’s honeyed chords. This heady combination of elements has ensured Hesitation’s current success, managing to stay on the Hot NZ Singles list for six weeks running.

Raised in Sydney and West Auckland, Gavet pays homage to her Avondale roots in her music video (one will spot the familiar town centre or the Avondale spider). With slick camera work (courtesy of Shae Sterling) and an enviable wardrobe (styled by none other than Sammy Salsa), the Hesitation music video is a wonderful introduction to this new and exciting artist that is Jordan Gavet.

Currently dominating NZ’s airwaves with her hit single Hesitation, take a look at Jordan Gavet’s new music video below:

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