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Polynesian comedy SIS breaks new ground

A new comedy special from the makers of Baby Mama’s Club is about to hit our screens this month. The ‘brown girl comedy’, SIS, follows the hilarious ‘ride or die’ friendships of cousins Malia, Gee Gee and Miki.

In the one-hour sketch show, the hilariously relatable trio navigate through a series of misadventures while they learn about life and sisterhood.

“When we got together in the beginning and we asked ourselves, ‘Why do we want to do this?’, one of our whys was to empower our young Māori Pacific girls to be able to see themselves and see their stories and feel heard and feel seen,” says Producer and Actor Gaby Solomona.

The team are proud of their achievement, making groundbreaking Kiwi content that will be seen on the ultimate channel.

“You would never think in New Zealand that [Comedy Central] would be an option for us. That’s important for us that we kind of keep that door open for everyone else,” says Hanelle.

Watch Soana Aholelei’s interview with Hanelle and Gaby above.

SIS will premiere Wednesday 22 July at 8.30pm on Comedy Central (Sky channel 11). Made with the support of NZ On Air, the comedy special will also be available to view free online at comedycentral.co.nz and broadcast on Prime later this year.


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