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Samoa Cyber Aufaipese – Iesu le Lafitaga i Afā (with sign language interpreters)

The Samoa Cyber Aufaipese have released a new song, this time with sign language interpreters.

The virtual choir, made up of Samoans all around the world, teamed up with Nuanua O Le Alofa, a disability advocacy organisation in Samoa, and Deaf Association of Samoa to make the video in celebration of International Week of the Deaf.

Samoa Cyber Aufaipese was established earlier this year as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“To our beautiful Samoan people, wherever in the world you may be, let us all unite as one people, in prayers for our Nation and for the World during these difficult times,” they wrote on the release of their first video at the end of March.

Watch the choir and members of Samoa’s deaf community perform Iesu le lafitaga i afā above.


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