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The Boy Who Cried Woman – Disciple Pati

Disciple Pati is an alternative RnB artist hailing from the dirty south.

Her debut single, The Boy Who Cried Woman, is an ominous track which pairs a hard trap beat with a flowing RnB melody and vocals. The song was written as the last track on the 5 song EP Fraud – to be released later next year. It acts as the final episode in the story of Fraud; metaphorically speaking on coming into one’s own identity despite the different forces at play.

The images speak on how Pacific people born in New Zealand/ Aotearoa often have to merge two worlds.

The video and song are a product of an amazing team; David Atai (from Nesian Mystic) was the recording engineer and helped in production, while Destiny Momoisea produced the video alongside renown DP/ Director Shae Sterling, Polynesian Celebrity Stylist Sammy Salsa, and Executive Producers Culture Factory (creators of Comedy Central show SiS and Baby Mama’s Club [TVNZ]).



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