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Tagata Pasifika

The Pacific voice on
New Zealand television
since 1987

The Tongan Rogue General coming to Tik Tok this Tongan Language Week

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New Tik Tok series ‘The Tongan Rogue General & The 13 Chambers Of South Auckland’. Photo: Supplied
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Kendall Vano | Reporter

The Tongan Rogue General & The 13 Chambers Of South Auckland is the latest series streaming on Tik Tok. A tongue and cheek pacific comedy releasing this Uike kātoanga’i ‘o e lea faka-Tonga. 

The Tongan action comedy web series is condensed down to 15 bite-sized episodes, and is the collaboration between Toks Fale and Danny Aumua. Simi Taitoko Fale, also known as Toks, the Tongan professional wrestler, was approached by Danny with the pitch. 

“Toks being the genius social influencer and his expertise on digital platforms, and me being a screenwriter. We came together in a collaboration of skills.” Danny says. 

“When Danny approached me with the idea I jumped at it. This was a new and exciting way to tell our stories and I wanted to be at the forefront.”  Toks adds. 

The story centres on Toks Fales’ wrestling persona, of the Tongan Rogue General. Alongside Danny, they pounded out a comical action script influenced by films with tongue-and-cheek style such as Stephen Chow’s ‘Kung Fu Hustle‘ and Edgar Wright’s ‘Scott Pilgrim vs The World‘.  

Toks says, “We drew on my character in my wrestling work, known as the Rogue General. Myself being Tongan added an extra layer to the character and Danny had created some great characters from different countries.”  

The web series begins when a nefarious Samoan Ninja from Māngere, steals a family heirloom, an invaluable kava cup from the Tongan Rogue General’s quarters, which sets off a hilarious course of events as the General must fight his way through 13 South Auckland neighbourhoods. 


“I wanted to show that someone who is big, staunch and scary can also perform fun, light-hearted comedy.” Danny says. 

The series taps into the characters ʻIloʻi ʻo e Kau Tongá (Tongan Identity), and the cultural facets surrounding finding oneself the more immersed in his journey becomes.

Danny adds, “The General uses his unconventional military tactics to batter his way through the South, but the harder those fights become, the more he has to get in touch with his Tongan self – in order to get his cup back.”

Although the tone of the series is light and playful, the boys couldn’t help slipping in  commentary on the issues existing in the Auckland community today. 

“We’ve also cheekily taken jabs at gentrification and the housing crisis in Auckland and the lack of pay to our essential healthcare workers. All in good fun, but the best comedy is when it’s real.” Danny adds. 

“When it comes to representation of pacific peoples, We don’t get opportunities to tell wild and different stories like this. Big thanks to NZ On Air and Tik Tok for supporting us. You’ll oftentimes get the same old material and talent being pumped through the networks because it’s safe, but thanks to Amie Mills from NZ On Air, for letting us take the gloves off to showcase a more creative side to Poly content making.”

The cast consists of Pacific talents such as Johnny Tuivasa Sheck, John Pulu, Regan ‘Just The Norms’ Foai, Diamond Langi, Tofiga Fepulea’i, Swiss and Tree Vaifale and many more. Toks found the project even more engaging with such a wide polynesian ensemble. 

“It was very exciting. Being able to work with so many talented people forced me to level up. I truly ended up learning so much from them.”

And in the spirit of Uike kātoanga’i ‘o e lea faka-Tonga (Tongan Language week), Toks confirms that a fair amount of Tongan was seeded throughout the series, from lines to voice over. 

“The challenge of trying to speak proper Tongan was challenging but was a good reminder not to forget it.” Toks says. 

The series will be out on the 5th to the 11th of September during Uike kātoanga’i ‘o e lea faka-Tonga.

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