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Tagata Pasifika

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since 1987

New Zealand records first community transmission cases in over 100 days

Source: 1 News

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced there are four new cases of community transmission in New Zealand.

All of the cases are in the same family.

The first case to present was a person in their 50s from South Auckland. They had no history of overseas travel, Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said.

The person was living with six other people, of which three also tested positive.

“We have been saying for some weeks it was inevitable that New Zealand would get another case of community transmission. This is a tricky virus,” Dr Bloomfield said.

“We have been working on the basis that it could be at any time, and been preparing for that time. That time is now.

“The health system is well prepared and the important thing now is that we stop the spread of the virus in our community.”

Close contacts of the cases have been put into self isolation and are being tested. They cannot leave isolation for 14 days.

Casual contacts of the cases have also been put into isolation but can leave after returning a negative test.

More than one workplace is involved, Ms Ardern said.

“There is no immediate link we have found as yet to a managed isolation facility… therefore we need to take a much more precautionary approach until we find the source of this case.”

A resurgence plan is now being activated.

Auckland will go to Level 3 from 12 noon tomorrow for three days until midnight Friday.

“We will be asking people in Auckland to stay home to stop the spread,” Ms Ardern said.

“These three days will give us time.”

Dr Bloomfield advised Kiwis to be stringent with hand washing hygiene, cough and sneeze into your elbow and stay home if you’re unwell.

He also said people should return to physically distancing for two-metres, where a face mask where necessary and to talk to your doctor about being tested if you have symptoms.

“We cannot afford to let this virus spread. We are working to not let it happen here what has happened in other places that have seen resurgences like this. We have done this before and we can and will do it again.”

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