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All Blacks unveil Rugby World Cup 2023 jersey with a Samoan twist

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All Blacks Rugby World Cup 2023 Jersey. Photo: Provided
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Neueli Mauafu | Reporter

New Zealand Rugby in partnership with adidas have revealed the All Blacks World Cup 2023 kit. The jersey is a result of leading technical innovations, designed to enable play at the highest level.

A standout of the new jersey is found in the centre of it. At the heart of the jersey is an emblem made up of 14 completely different sized ferns. Completing the emblem is the crest which acts as a 15th fern.

Each fern faces inwards, to create an interpretation of the Samoan term “USO” meaning brotherhood. It’s an ode to the brotherhood and comradeship within the All Blacks team past and present.

Photo: Provided

In its literal sense, uso means brother. The term is gender specific however meaning it is used among men and women but never between men and women. A male can only call uso to another male but not to a female. Same goes for females too. From this, the term has taken a deeper meaning in relation to brotherhood or being bonded strongly as a group.

The term uso is a quite well known phrase which has taken its own spin across the globe. With the likes of Joshua Samuel Fatu and Jonathan Solofa Fatu who make up the famous WWE tag team “The Usos”.

It has also made its mark on the music scene with music trio STNDRD and their catchy hit “My Uso” which has been a staple for many avid music fans. It is also the most commonly heard word with its watered down version of “uce” which is quite a popular slang amongst youth.

All Blacks Halfback Aaron Smith

It is fitting enough that USO is affiliated with the All Blacks World Cup jersey for 2023. Halfback Aaron Smith is hoping to build a strong bond within the next few weeks as the team prepares for its upcoming pre world cup fixtures.

“This is a massive year for us,” Smith stated.

“We will travel to France seeking our fourth Rugby World Cup title in what is arguably the most fiercely contested tournament in living memory. The jersey is important to not only us as players but to all New Zealanders around the world”.

French street style designer Fey The Wolf aided adidas with the designing of the jersey, who is known for his distinctive and creative use of the colour black. Fey The Wolf worked closely with current All Blacks players creating a kit that is centred around the significance of the New Zealand silver fern symbolising strength, culture and resilience.

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