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Dwayne Johnson comedy ‘Young Rock’ set to air in New Zealand

Young Rock starring Uli Latukefu is set to air in New Zealand
Young Rock follows Dwayne Johnson’s journey through his childhood and formative years. Photo: Young Rock.

Kiwis will soon be able to watch Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s NBC comedy Young Rock.

Double episodes of the larger-than-life family comedy will air on Prime every Thursday from 22 April, 7.30pm.

Young Rock is based on Dwayne’s childhood and formative years, highlighting the unforgettable moments and incredible relationships that took him from ordinary kid to extraordinary superstar.

An impressive line-up of Pasifika actors star in the show, including Samoan-Māori actor Stacey Leilua, who plays Dwayne’s mother, Ata; Samoan actor Ana Tuisila, who plays Dwayne’s grandmother Lia Maivia; and The Legend of Baron To’a star Uli Latukefu, who portrays Dwayne in his football years.

Johnson says his years playing football at the University were some of his “most defining”.

“The highs are incredible, but the lows were critical. 275lbs of upper body violence, attitude and clearly eating too much pizza.”

Young Rock first premiered on NBC in February this year, receiving generally positive reviews from critics. Check out the trailer below.

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