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Singer/songwriter TREE releases brand new single, ‘In My Life’

PHOTO: Frankie Lolohea

Singer/songwriter Tree has released her brand new single ‘In My Life’, a soulfully sung acoustic tune which acknowledges the struggles and the wins she has encountered.

Filmed inside the community hall her Grandfather helped build, and the same hall where her parents continue to serve as church ministers, Tree gives her fans the most personal and intimate look at her life. From her live performances to her wedding day and family time, the video is a sweet and simple love letter to her family and friends.

Written five years ago by her husband Swiss, on her Facebook page she writes, “In honour of [Swiss] and all my loved ones, I’ve made it mine and about to release my gratitude for my loved ones while every one is still alive.”

Tree released the single in anticipation of her album release which is expected later this year.

‘In My Life’ is available to download and stream on all major music platforms.

View the full music video here:


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