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‘Champions of the Pacific’, the new sports show coming to RNZ Pacific

Koro Vaka'uta and Talei Anderson to host new RNZ Pacific sports show, 'Champions of the Pacific'
Koro Vaka’uta and Talei Anderson host the new RNZ Pacific sports show, ‘Champions of the Pacific’  PHOTO  // Supplied

Hosted by RNZ Pacific Sports Journalist Talei Anderson and News Editor Koro Vaka’uta, Champions of the Pacific is an apt name for the new sports show gracing Aotearoa’s airwaves this week.

Featuring in-depth interviews with athletes and prominent members from the Pasifika sports community, Champions of the Pacific will broadcast once a week.

For Vaka’uta, representation means everything to him.

“To give a voice for such people on a highly respected platform is amazing,” he says.

“I’m excited because we are also looking to go beyond the results and the field or court and capture the person/people as Pasifika, rather than just the athlete.”

“We want to highlight the achievers but also those who are championing and representing their people around the region and the globe,” Vaka’uta enthuses.

Talei Anderson (Te Aupōuri/Te Rarawa/Fijian) hopes Champions of the Pacific will bring Pasifika people across the region together.

“I want this show to be a space where our people can come together. A space where we can celebrate our success, talk about our struggles and to tell our own stories. I want it to be a space for our community. I’m excited about it because we get to talk about the things we want to talk about – it’s a show for all of our Pasifika people, it’s our show.”

This week’s episode will feature league legend Fauono Ken Laban, veteran broadcaster Keith Quinn, Silver Fern Whitney Souness and former captain of the Tongan rugby team Inoke Afeaki, who will tackle Pasifika name mispronounciation in sport. Stories on the sporting legacy of the Ah Kuoi family and Tokelau Kilikiti contest will also feature.

Visit RNZ Pacific to hear the latest episode of ‘Champions of the Pacific‘ every Wednesday. 

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