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Samoan mother warns parents of child grooming

Child grooming and exploitation - it's an issue that's been in the media lately and one which has police and child advocates concerned at the number of reported "unwanted sexual incidents" involving young people.One Samoan mother's so concerned about the issue, she wanted to share her daughter's own "near-miss" experiences to illustrate to Pacific families just what can happen.Warning: this story deals with some sensitive content around sexual abuse.

St Vincent De Paul volunteers come together through Covid-19

The St Vincent De Paul Society has been running in New Zealand for a number of years. Although it's not as big as some charities, it still champions along quietly behind the scenes with the help of the City Mission and KiwiHarvest. Run predominantly by youth workers, Soana Aholelei caught up with the young Vinnies on a mission.

Talanoa: Preliminary marijuana referendum results “profoundly disappointing”

Preliminary results from New Zealand’s two referendums have been announced, and so far it's 'yes' to euthanasia and 'no' to cannabis. Marama T-Pole spoke to AUT journalism academic Richard Pamatatau, who says the cannabis result is part of "a moral panic around the use of marijuana".

Dr Joe Williams Memorial: “A totara has fallen”

About 700 people from the Pacific and wider communities gathered in Auckland yesterday to farewell Dr Joseph Williams, MBChB, MPH, QSO, QSM, in a fitting tribute that his daughter described as an occasion full of “love and celebration.” The former Cook Islands Prime Minister, medical leader and mentor was farewelled in a ceremony of beautiful […]

Pacific Islanders return to simpler way of life as Covid-19 affects tourism

Source: 1 News Despite suffering heavily from a lack of tourism due to Covid-19, many Pacific Islanders are coping by returning to a simpler way of life.  With borders closed, researchers have been monitoring how locals are adapting and found their wellbeing, in some cases, has improved. While one Cook Island resort pool would […]

Pacific Cooperation Foundation launches awards for future Pacific leaders

The Pacific Cooperation Foundation (PCF) will hold its ‘Inaugural Pacific Co-operation (PCF) Youth Leadership Awards’ on 9 December in Wellington. PCF Board Chair and Acting CEO Fiso John Fiso said, “The PCF Youth Leadership Awards encourages and rewards service leadership to benefit our communities in Aotearoa, the Pacific region and the world. There are 10 […]

Pacific collective push towards a stronger voice for disabled people

Tōfa Mamao is a collective of Pacific disabled peoples, their families and carers, in Auckland. Two years ago the group formed with the goal of advancing the voice of Pacific disabled peoples, and building better connections with disability services.

Welfare advocates call to increase benefit levels

Government need to uplift benefit levels to a liveable income so that people can survive. That is the call from welfare advocates in Auckland who say they are witnessing more families desperate for assistance since Covid-19. Moana Makapelu Lee with this story.