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TP+ Talanoa with Melbourne rap group HP BOYZ

After their meteoric rise to stardom in the Trans-Tasman hip hop game, Hampton Park's finest have graced New Zealand's shores with their first ever international tour.Singles like Bad and Bouj, Engineers and BluePrint have seen these boys play sold-out venues across the country. Nayte Mataia-Davidson chats with HP Boyz in studio.

Pacific Islanders show support at Ihumātao and Mauna Kea

It's been a busy week for land rights campaigners both in Aotearoa and overseas. Pacific Islanders have got behind our Māori community at Ihumātao and Native Hawaiian community at Mauna Kea.

TP+ Pacific conference encourages more young people to take up law

A lack of Pacific representation in the NZ legal profession is the catalyst for the inaugural Pacific Lawyers Association Conference this week, bringing together lawyers from across the country in an effort to entice more young people into the legal profession.

Aotearoa’s new Pasifika judge Faumui Penelope Ginnen

Congratulations Judge Faumui Penelope (Lope) Ginnen, New Zealand's third female Pasifika judge!

Tuia 250 flotilla to arrive into Gisborne

An event marking the arrival of Captain James Cook to New Zealand is taking place in Gisborne this weekend.Known as Tuia 250, it has sparked both celebration and protest. Joining us to shed some light on the issues is reporter Moana Makapelu Lee.

TP+ New Cook Islands collective aims to grow te reo Māori Kūki ‘Āirani

Experts in te reo Māori Kūki ‘Āirani launched the Cook Islanders Teachers & Educators Collective New Zealand (Au Taunga Korero Kūki ‘Āirani o Aotearoa) last night.The group aims to provide pathways for New Zealand-born Cook Islanders to learn and speak the language, including having it taught across all levels of education.

Samoa’s nationwide shutdown

The Samoan Government shut down for two days this week to carry out their immunisation campaign. For many people in New Zealand, travel plans to the region have been cancelled, as they weigh up the risks of travelling to Samoa.

Indira Stewart and Sanele Chadwick talk Miss Heilala controversy and Pacific Games

Indira Stewart and Seinafolava Sanele Chadwick talk Indira's RNZ show First Up, Miss Heilala controversy and the Samoa 2019 Pacific Games.

Pacific news: Herbs documentary premieres tonight

Herbs: Songs of Freedom premieres tonight as part of the New Zealand International Film Festival.Stay tuned for our story on the Pacific reggae legends next week.