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A Māori Samoan family’s journey of learning the gagana in Samoa

In 2017 Māori journalist Renee Kahukura Iosefa and her Samoan husband, Walker Iosefa, made the decision to move to Samoa to provide an opportunity for their three children to learn their Samoan language and cultural heritage. Now, three years on, they've made the decision to return to Aotearoa. The Iosefa family share their journey of discovery by celebrating the importance of living the language.

Proposed law changes in Samoa has legal community worried

The Government of Samoa has been heavily criticised by legal experts in Samoa, New Zealand and Australia over proposed law changes to three bills currently before a Parliament select committee. There are concerns that the changes will impact the legal rights of all Samoans to their customary lands and chiefly titles. Renee Kahukura Iosefa has this story.

Pacific Island Food Revolution makes its NZ television debut this weekend

Hoping to bring authentic Pasifika cuisine to the small screen and away from white rice and noodles, Kiwi Chef Robert Oliver has created Pacific Island Food Revolution, a brand new reality cooking show filmed in the Pacific. The show launches on TVNZ1, Saturday December 21st, straight after Tagata Pasifika.

TP+: Call for regional fund to secure Pacific cultural identity

Broadcasters and content-makers in the Pacific are lobbying their governments for the creation of a Region-wide fund to help maintain the Pacific's unique cultural identity.The appeal was made at the 14th Oceania Television Symposium held during the 17th FIFO Documentary film festival in Tahiti earlier this month. It comes in the wake of the ‘tsunami of content’ now available via online platforms across the Pacific which threatens cultural identity and undermines the economic viability of regional broadcasters.

Samoa Measles Epidemic: The Long Road to Recovery

Two months on, Samoa is picking up the pieces after last year's measles epidemic that recorded over 5700 cases and claimed 83 lives. But as Anauli Karima Fai'ai reports, it's a long road to recovery.

Samoan florist carries on her late grandmother’s legacy

Siagiagi has loved flowers since she was a little girl witnessing her late grandmother tending to her garden. Now she is carrying on her legacy to share that joy with others.

TP+ Tongan pageant queen: “I was left with no other choice but to speak out”

Outspoken Tongan pageant queen Kalo Funganitao says she had no choice but to speak out over the weekend after an unsuccessful year trying to address issues offline. Now she's calling for a complete revamp of Tonga's iconic Miss Heilala beauty pageant.

Tuvalu Language Week 2019

How dare you - those were the words this last week of 16-year-old activist Greta Thunberg to world leaders to take urgent action for climate change.Millions around the world have marched on the streets to voice their support, but how do Tuvalu young people feel about this important issue? One local Tuvaluan Tokelauan is doing her bit to raise awareness in her community.

2009 Samoa Tsunami: Ten Years On

We visit Samoa as they mark the 10th anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated its southern coastline and neighboring islands.Directed by Anauli Karima Fai'ai Made with the support of NZ On Air