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Niuean High Commissioner delivers blunt message to NZ Governement

Niuean High Commissioner O-Love Jacobson delivers a blunt message to the NZ Governement. Give us more support for our language. Shimpal Lelisi has this story.

Soana K-Aholelei reports from the Vodafone Music Award’s 2014

Soana K-Aholelei reports from the Vodafone Music Award’s 2014

Tagata Pasifika Year in Review 2014 Part 2 of 3

Tagata Pasifika’s 2014 highlights. Reporter Seinafolava Sanele Chadwick shares some of Tagata Pasifika’s highlights throughout 2014. Featuring: Mark Hunt; Danny Nemani; Dr Kiki Maoate; Suaia Matagi; Lautofa; Tuakana Winchman; Marama T-Pole; Ray of Hope; Ha’apai Rebuild; Taihitian Drumming; Melanisian Arts Festival; Alo Paopao Festival; Cook Islands Sevens; Fiji Election.

Footballer Jasmine Pereira reaching for her goals!

She’s young, Samoan and an amazing Football Player. 18 year old Jasmine Pereira has been tearing up the football field trying to secure a spot in the top team. Soana K-Aholelei caught up with the inspiring young woman.

Art Exhibition Remembers Forgotten Soldiers Of World War 1

Five hundred Cook Islands soldiers served in World War I. This weekend an exhibition will remember their contribution and the many untold stories behind these men.

Budget 2015 – Some of the Key features affecting Pacific People

We take a look at some of the key features of the Budget and how that affects Pacific People

She is a survivor – Loga Crichton

Imagine being diagnosed not once but twice with breast cancer and then find out you are a cancer gene carrier – Loga Crichton opens up to our reporter Sandra Kailahi.

Nafi Lefono

Wheelchair rugby player Nafi Lefono is leading by example, and is wheeling his way to success – Karima Faiai with this report.