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First Samoana Jazz And Arts Festival Set To Begin In November

The inaugural Samoana Jazz and Arts Festival will take place at the end of next month.

Niue celebrates 40 years of self-government

To the Pacific now where Niue this week wrapped up it’s celebration of forty years of self-government. It’s a constutional arrangement with New Zealand that came after a referendum in 1974 whereby Niuean’s could choose between full independence or self-government.

Former All Black Reveals His Passion For Classic Cars

Former All Black Carl Hoeft represented NZ at two world cups and now has a coaching role with the Waikato Rugby Union but what you may not know is his love for classic cars. We went down to the Waikato to meet him.

Tagata Pasifika presents: We Are Pasifika (2013)

We Are Pasifika was a special Pacific music show featuring works by composer Matatumua Opologe Ah Sam, familiar songs from the Pacific and well-known Arias showcasing the talents of soloists Leila Alexander, Daphne Collins, Eddie Muliaumaseali'i and Rejieli Paulo.


John Pulu is at the Niue Village and meets Mena who keeps her culture alive through weaving and the Bible.

Anzac Special – William Stowers’ letter to his brother

Wounded in the battle of Somme, Samoan soldier William Stowers, wrote a touching letter to Louis, one of his two brothers still fighting on the front line (World War I).

TAGATA PASIFIKA: Pacific Families struggle in Auckland’s Housing Crisis

As winter begins to bite many families are feeling the pinch and among the biggest concerns, will they be able to keep a roof over their heads?

Pursuit of Venus: Infected by Lisa Reihana

NZ Visual and Digital Artist Lisa Reihana reinvents 200 year old portrayals of the Pacific in her latest work at the Auckland Art Gallery.

Officer 27 by Aroha Awarau

Drawing inspiration from his Niuean roots and the unfortunate accidental shooting of Halatau Naitoko, Aroha Awarau’s latest work Officer 27 tells the story of a mother’s grief and her road to healing. Soana K Aholelei reports.