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Bring It On 2015

After taking a gap year last year, Bring It On was back this year with more amazing young talent – Crystal Vaega has more.

Niuean and Cook Island languages struggling to stay alive

Tagaloatele Osone Okesene reports on some of the efforts of our Cook Islands and Niuean communities to keep their languages alive. – Niuean and Cook Island languages struggling to stay alive Tagata Pasifika 7 July 2011 TVNZ Tangata Pacifica

Anzac Day Service Cancellations

The decision to cut the number of Anzac Day services in Auckland for security reasons has been met with disappointment by many in the pacific community.

2018 Pasifika Festival LIVE: Showcasing Pasifika-made products

Pasifika Festival is not just about showcasing culture, it's also a chance to showcase our Pasifika-made products. John Pulu talks to Joe Fuavao, Trade Development Manager at Pacific Islands Trade & Invest, about what's on offer.

Cook Islanders returning home

The Cook Islands Government has launched a number of initiatives to attract qualified Cook Islanders back to their ipukarea. Johnson Raela met a few of the Kukis who've already made the move back and are loving it.

The Tongan scientist at the heart of Fonterra

Dr Palatasa Havea went from having to repeat Year 10 three times in Tonga to becoming a pioneering senior research scientist for NZ dairy giant Fonterra. John Pulu got the chance to meet him in Palmerston North.

Community calls to end uplifts – Oranga Tamariki

Three separate inquiries into Oranga Tamariki's policies and processes in relation to the protection of Māori babies have been launched this week following the investigation by newsroom.co.nz into the uplift of a newborn baby at Hawke's Bay Hospital. A group of community leaders and workers are calling for an overhaul of the state agency and for uplifts to stop.

Pacific people rally behind Ihumātao occupation

Thousands have converged on a section of Māngere known as Ihumātao, where a group of mana whenua and land protectors are opposing a housing development by Fletcher Building on what is considered sacred Māori land. Among the supporters have been academics, lawyers, community leaders and entertainers but Pacific people have also rallied behind the standoff in a show of support for indigenous rights.

TP+ PolyTube Fono celebrates Pasifika content creators

YouTubers, Instagrammers and Facebookers from New Zealand and Australia attended the annual Polytube Fono, a celebration for Māori and Pasifika content creators to meet, share and talanoa about their online work.