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‘Hula Fit’ blending exercise and Hula in Auckland

Cook Islands dance is well known for it’s energetic rhythms, swaying hips and shakey legs! One Cook Islander is turning her passion for her culture into a healthy obsession.

“No one is immune” – Sela Alo speaks from quarantine after positive test

Sela Alo spoke with Tagata Pasifika after his diagnosis with Covid-19. He shared a strong message to Pacific communities of the importance to stay home and stay local.

2018 SunPix Awards: Aiga Pouoa Profile

Pasifika Futures - Pacific Health and Wellbeing Award winner Aiga Pouoa.

2018 SunPix Awards: Dr Andrew Chan Mow Profile

Pasifika Futures - Pacific Health and Wellbeing Award winner Dr Andrew Chan Mow.

2018 SunPix Awards: Garth-Yaki Alofa

Le Va - Pacific Emerging Leadership Award winner Garth-Yaki Alofa, Founder of Recoveroom. #SunPixAwards

2018 SunPix Awards: Logan Poloai Profile

Procare Top Year 5 Pacific Medical Student Award winner Logan Poloai. #SunPixAwards

BBM Ward

The Buttabean weightloss machine cranks on with the first graduation of participants in the BBM Ward programme.

BBM Ward focusing on body, brain and movement

Body, brain and movement - that's the focus of healthy lifestyle programme BBM Ward which has seen impressive weight-loss results in its members.

BBM Ward: Dave Letele’s new healthy lifestyle programme

Buttabean Motivation founder Dave Letele is expanding his empire with a new healthy lifestyle programme.