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‘Could you pay for the petrol?’ – John Tamihere asks Pacific Islanders for their vote

John Tamihere is asking Pacific Island voters to help gas up the Māori Party in its race back to Parliament as it looks to resurrect itself after its defeat in 2017. The co-leader says the candidacy vote in the Māori seats will be the focus of the campaign, but Pacific Islanders on the general roll can still give their party vote to the Māori Party.

‘Ikale Tahi Build to RWC 2015

Last weekend’s Pacific Barbarians game is part of the fundraising and team build up to next year’s Rugby World Cup. Their development and build up is hampered somewhat by the lack of tough games, even tests against Tier 1 nations. They hope to have more games between now and RWC 2015

‘Talune’ commemorates 1918 influenza epidemic in Samoa

A new play commemorating the 1918 global influenza pandemic on Samoa premieres in London next week. ‘Talune’ is directed by Siliga Sani Muliaumaseali’i of London-based GAFA Arts Collective.

“Bula” trademarked in the U.S

Outrage from the Fiji Community after an American businessman trademarks the work "Bula".

“Covid-19 has exposed the inequities that exist in New Zealand” – Fa’anānā Efeso Collins

The present Covid-19 outbreak continues to keep New Zealanders on alert. Pacific people continue to be impacted, with 61% of those in the Auckland cluster Pacific. We spoke to Auckland Councillor Fa'anānā Efeso Collins on how our people have fared over the last few weeks.

“No one is immune” – Sela Alo speaks from quarantine after positive test

Sela Alo spoke with Tagata Pasifika after his diagnosis with Covid-19. He shared a strong message to Pacific communities of the importance to stay home and stay local.

“We are at ground zero” – Pacific Tourism Organisation CEO

As Covid-19 global cases pass the 1 million mark, it’s estimated there will be a 9-12% decrease in international tourist arrivals this year for the Pacific region.According to the most recent figures, Pacific tourism’s contribution to regional GDP is 11.1% in 2018 - that's around US$3.8billion.Pacific Tourism CEO Chris Cocker says it will be a long road to recovery due to the travel restrictions during the pandemic.

$20mil to ‘ensure survival of Pacific Languages’ – Budget 2019

Pacific Education Centre (PEC) is welcoming $20mil over four years announced in  this year’s Budget for the retention of Pacific languages in New Zealand. PEC is the only NZQA Private Training Establishment in New Zealand who deliver free Pacific language courses in Auckland. Director Tuiloma Gayle Lafaiali’i says “With over 62% of Pasifika peoples now […]